Unexpected Raspberry Meringue Dessert

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Unexpected raspberry meringue dessert

Unexpected Raspberry Meringue Dessert


There’s nothing worse than inviting guests round for dinner last minute only to find out that you’ve got no dessert and the shops are now closed. Since living in Switzerland I tend to have 4 ingredients on standby in my fridge, store cupboard and freezer and the best thing is that this dessert takes only 2 minutes to make.

Ingredients for 4


Packet of shop-bought meringues from Migros or Coop

Can of squirty cream

Small packet of frozen raspberries

Optional: vanilla ice cream



1. Get the frozen raspberries out of the freezer as soon as your guests have arrived and leave them to defrost on a large plate whilst you cook the main course. You will probably only need around 200g for 4 people – just put out as many as you fancy.

2. When ready to serve, squirt a portion of cream onto each plate. Place a scoop of ice cream on top (if using).

3. Top with 2 or 3 tablespoons of raspberries and juice and place a meringue on top. Fertig!

This dessert is extremely simple but for some reason it always seems to go down very well. Enjoy!


For more easy recipes see here.


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  1. Mangus Prost says:

    What a lovely recipe for a casual dinner party! I’m having cooking for some friends tomorrow so will be trying this out!

  2. newinzurich says:

    Good luck and enjoy!

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