Bistronomie at Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf

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Bistronomie at Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf

Bistronomie at

Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf


On September 14th 2017, the opening night of “Bistronomie Dining” took place at the Mövenpick Hotel in Regensdorf. We were transported to the height of the French Bistronomie movement, something which began in the 1990’s with young chefs transforming the prim or “stiff” classic French cuisine into a less pompous bistro-style atmosphere, at more reasonable prices. We tested out the delicious new Bistronomie Menu at the Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf, which will be available in their restaurants from October 20th to November 20th 2017, at locations all over the world .Bistronomie at Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf

Champagne and wine choices from the Mövenpick collection

Upon entering the main dining area, we were immediately immersed in the ambiance that one can only imagine in a small bistro on a side street in Paris. The menu included a number of French dishes, each accompanied by a different wine that complimented the flavors of the food. With each wine, an explanation was provided surrounding the origins and why each wine was picked for the particular dish. As Mövenpick is especially known for its wines and gastronomy, the staff hosting the event were very knowledgeable on this topic and were very happy to discuss aspects of the wines and cuisine.

Bistronomie at Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf

The dishes served included:

  • Salade Niçoise – salad with pan seared tuna loins and sardines, egg, beans, artichoke and tomatoes
  • Plateau de Fruits de Mer – platter of Fines de Claire oysters, Greenland shrimp cocktail, mussels, salmon tartar and scallops
  • Cabillaud à la Bordelaise – cod fillet served with herb crust in lobster bisque with potato mousseline
  • Pot-au-feu Végétarien/Bourgoise – broth, root vegetables, horseradish (Bourgouise also included beef topside and beef marrow)
  • Café Gourmand – Mövenpick coffee and Mövenpicks own ‘Reine de Saba’ (or ‘Queen of Sheba’) chocolate cake.

Bistronomie at Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf

The main course: Pot-au-feu Végétarien

The above dishes are among the famous classics of French gastronomy and incorporate seafood, a staple in French cooking. This menu is perfect for seafood lovers looking to try new dishes and find new ways to integrate fish into one’s cooking repertoire. All ingredients of the meal were of top quality and fresh. Salad Niçoise and Pot-au-Feu were two very traditional meals served during the French bistronomie movement. However, both dishes often include different ingredients which vary from chef to chef.

We learned that Café Gourmand following our meal is a Parisian creation comparable to the English “afternoon tea”, but is served at any time throughout the day and is made up of coffee and a light sweet dessert. For our dessert, we were served Mövenpick’s ‘Queen of Sheba’ chocolate cake, named after the original French recipes by Julia Child in the movie ‘Julie and Julia’). Among the cake’s rich ingredients are 72% cocoa, almonds and orange juice for an extra pop of flavor.

Bistronomie at Mövenpick Hotel Regensdorf

Café Gourmand featuring ‘Reine de Saba’

The bistronomie menu at the Mövenpick hotel provides customers with a view of the importance of cuisine in the French culture and an authentic bistro-style dining experience. We expect this concept to be successful in the Regensdorf branch of Mövenpick as well as their many locations around the world.

For more information on bistronomie at Mövenpick Hotels, you can visit their website here.

Hotel Mövenpick Regensdorf

Address: Einkaufszentrum Regensdorf, Im Zentrum 2, 8105 Regensdorf

Tel: 044 871 51 11

Article and all photos by Rhiannon Taylor


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