Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich

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Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich

Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich

Fresh, Healthy and Delicious

Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich

What Are Poké Bowls?

The concept of Poké Bowls originates in Hawaii but luckily if you live in Zurich you don’t have to travel that far. A quick tram ride to Bleicherweg takes you to the modern and stylish Ona Poké Restaurant which serves up these delicious, colourful and healthy bowls of goodness.

Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich

Poké are also sometimes referred to as ”deconstructed sushi” as they are usually made of raw marinated fish, rice and vegetables along with a sauce. However,  instead of being rolled up, you eat all the ingredients together in a bowl. Colourful and bright, the Ona Poké bowls are beautifully presented and very appetising. Not only do they offer fish options of tuna, salmon and kingfish, they also have a tofu option too, which is ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich

Choice of Three Signature Bowls – Or Build Your Bowl

To begin with you can either choose from one of the signature bowls – they have three and they all come in two sizes – small and regular. Alternatively,  you can choose to “build your own bowl”. We went as a party of three and ordered two signature bowls and I chose to “build my bowl”.

Base + Protein + Sauce + Topping

There are four stages involved in building your bowl. First of all you choose the base from either steamed rice, black rice, quinoa or zucchini noodles (I chose the latter and they were really fine and very tasty). Next you choose the protein – either salmon, tuna, kingfish – or tofu for vegetarians. I went for salmon and the spicy MaJo sauce – other sauces you could choose were Asian, Sweet Soja, Sesame Yuzu or Teryaki. The hardest part was choosing the four toppings as they all looked delicious. The colourful choice includes mango, edamame beans, pomegranate, fish roe, ginger, wakame salad, coriander and avocado. Most of the options are the same all year round though they do have some additional seasonal ones too.


In addition to beer and wine, there is a selection of healthy drinks on offer, such as Ginger Shot, herb and fruit infused water and mango lassi. All these are freshly made each day on the premises and we really enjoyed our choices of infused water and mango lassi.

Acai Bowls and Jogurt

If you’re still hungry Ona Poké also make their own Acai Bowls or you can choose yogurt. However, all three of us thoroughly enjoyed our delicious regular Poké bowls and had no room for dessert.

Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich


The Poké bowls start at just over CHF 20 for the small tofu vegan signature bowl to CHF 25.90 for the regular with fish. For the “build your bowl” option you get four toppings with the regular size bowl, and three with small bowl. The build your bowl options work out marginally more expensive but allow you more creative freedom!

Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich

In Conclusion

We were all very impressed with the quality and freshness of all the ingredients and really enjoyed our Poké bowls. It’s a healthy meal with lots of fruit and vegetables and more filling than you would think. It’s also very well priced for good quality ingredients in the heart of Zurich. So if you fancy popping along to to try it out please see the details below.

Poké Bowls at Ona Poké Zurich

Ona Poké

Addres: Bleicherweg 19, 8002 Zurich

Tel: +41 44 991 19 19

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 7 am to 10 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday: Closed

Visit the Ona Poke Website here.

Please note you will also find Ona Poké on our list of Restaurants with Healthy Options here.


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