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Shopping in Switzerland

Christmas Shopping Sundays Zurich 2019

For those of you new to Switzerland, one of the first things you may notice is the fact the shops are closed all day on Sundays. If you’re still getting used to this, don’t worry as there are some places you can still go shopping such as Zurich Airport, petrol stations and certain railway stations (listed below).

Sunday Shopping and Shopping 365 days a year

In Switzerland most shops close on Sunday. However, there are some exceptions: –

Many Petrol Stations offer a wide variety of goods these days, many have bakeries and they often sell fresh fruit and veg too.

– Zurich Airport is open 365 days a year and they have a large Migros there as well as many clothes shops and boutiques etc

– Zurich Hauptbahnhof  “Shopville RailCity” is open 365 days a year and has a large Migros as well as many other shops

– Stadelhofen Bahnhof is open 365 days a year and has a big Coop and many other shops

– Uster Bahnhof is open 365 days a year and has a good Coop

The Circle at Zurich Airport is open 365 days a year

Everyday Shopping

Supermarket Locator Guide with Addresses and Opening Hours

Coop Stores Shop locator with address and opening hours

Migros Stores shop locator with addresses and opening hours

Volg Stores  Shop Locator (search term entry at bottom of map on left hand side)

Aldi’s store locator:

Lidl’s store locator:

Most of these store locators are all in German, but in most cases enter your own postcode to find the nearest store to your address.

Department Stores in Zurich

Jelmoli – Bahnhofstrasse

Globus – Bahnhofstrasse, Glattzentrum and Bellevue

The Circle at Zurich Airport

BRIDGE – new food shopping destination in Zurich

Online Shopping

Amazon – the online retailer

Microspot.ch  –  Swiss online retailer

Galaxus – Swiss online retailer

Ticketcorner – to buy concert tickets

Shopping Guides to Zurich

Shopping at Sihl City – this is a list of all the shops available at the indoor shopping centre at Sihl City

Glatt Shopping Centre in Wallisellen – information and directory of shops at the indoor shopping centre at Glatt

Shopping under the Arches in the Viadukt – news and info on all the Viadukt Shops


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