BIG Bang! Reopening of BIG Zurich

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BIG Bang! Reopening of BIG Zurich


BIG Bang! Reopening of BIG Zurich


BIG Bang! Reopening of BIG Zurich

The BIG flagship store in Bahnhofstrasse opened on 16th February 2017 with a BIG Bang!

Pink Décor and Flower Power

It’s a large, light shop on three floors with brightly coloured collaged pillars and pink staircases. The décor was the inspiration of the Halpern/Halpern design agency with a colourful retro vibe with a touch of sustainability with the beautiful flowers used to adorn the mannequins dating back to the 1990s.

BIG Bang! Reopening of BIG Zurich

Active Wear Brands

It’s a vibrant store right in the centre of town in Bahnhofstrasse, packed with big names like Nike Active, Stella McCartney, Adidas and lots more. BIG Nur Zürich, as it is known in full, is an independent fashion house which has been going for 35 years. It stocks both new and established brands and is a place to watch for style and young trends in Zurich.

BIG Bang! Reopening of BIG Zurich

Fitness Classes with Balboa

Alongside the High Street shops and the fashion boutiques BIG has its own niche and it’s reopening also offers an additional “gym offering” in the form of fitness classes, such as wonderfully entitled “Breakfit” and “Powerballet” which are run on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings in the store in conjunction with Balboa. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful and what is more sales assistant Vanessa is a fluent English speaker on hand to give advice for all your “athletiwear” needs.

BIG Bang! Reopening of BIG Zurich

BIG Nur Zürich

Location: Bahnhofstrasse 73, 8001 Zurich

Visit the BIG website here.



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