Chill Out This Summer with A Nespresso Caffè Shakerato

Chill Out This Summer with A Nespresso Caffè Shakerato

Chill Out This Summer with A Nespresso Caffè Shakerato

Chill Out This Summer with A Nespresso Caffè Shakerato

If like me you love coffee, but are looking for something that’s also refreshing on a hot Summer’s day, there is nothing better than an iced coffee – or a Caffè Shakerato.

What is a Caffè Shakerato?

Well, it’s a refreshing Italian coffee drink that’s perfect for Summer. You simply combine freshly made coffee with approximately 3.5 grams of sugar and 3 large cubes of ice and shake it all together vigorously until you get a froth when you pour it. In Italy they often strain it before pouring into a cocktail glass.

Nespresso Shakerato Iced Coffee Kit

Instead of heading to your local café, Nespresso have launched an Iced Coffee Kit called the “View Iced Recipe Kit” this Summer. It includes everything you need to make a Caffè Shakerato and we’ve been lucky enough to be sent one to test it out. It’s so easy – and the perfect way to make Caffè Shakerato in the comfort of your own home!

Nespresso Caffè Shakerato

The kit consist of 2 “View Glasses” with rubber lids (so that you can shake like a true barista 😉  and a small ice tray and the ideal coffee to make this drink is Nespresso’s Special Limited Edition Caffè Shakerato, but you could choose another favourite Nespresso capsule of your choice.

Incidentally the ice tray which comes with the kit is one of the best ice trays I’ve ever come across as it’s so easy to extract the cubes – so it’s ideal to use all year round.

Recipe for Nespresso Iced Coffee

Recipe for Nespresso Caffè Shakerato


1 Nespresso Caffè Shakerato (or your favourite) capsule (make approx 40ml of coffee in the normal way with your machine)

3.5 grams of sugar (you could of course use sweetener if you prefer)

3 x large ice cubes.


  1. Simply place all three ingredients into the View Glass and shake like crazy!
  2. You should now have a froth at the top and have a delicious and refreshing Caffè Shakerato

It’s so simple – but tastes delicious – and ideal for hot Summer weather.

Take a look at this short video explaining how to make the Caffè Shakerato Iced Coffee:

If you want to take your iced coffee on the go, you might be interested in the new Nomad Coffee bottles which come with a handy carrying handle and a built in straw too!

Nespresso Iced Coffee Kit

The Nespresso Iced Coffee Kit retails at CHF 44 and of course the glasses are great for using for Cappuccino or Latte coffees too once the Summer is over.

To get your own Nespresso Iced Coffee Kit simple pop along to your nearest Nespresso store or you can purchase online here. 

To purchase the Limited Edition Shakerato Capsules click here.

The other Limited Edition Summer Coffee is the Caffè Alla Salentina which is made with almond milk. Check out the recipe for Caffè Alla Salentina in our article here.

Nespresso Caffè Alla Salentina Iced Coffee & Almond Milk



Nespresso provided us with the View Iced Recipe Kit for the purposes of testing

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