Get Your Face In the Glow With Foreo

Get Your Face In the Glow With Foreo

Get Your Face In the Glow With FOREO

Get Your Face In the Glow With Foreo

Have you seen the new facial cleaning devices everyone is talking about? The Swedish brand Skintech FOREO has taken the beauty scene by storm after it introduced these cute and very colourful silicon cleansing devices. Waterproof and rechargeable, they are also very durable, lasting up to 365 uses after a single charge! Not only that but they are said to be a game changer when it comes to cleaning your face.

Get Your Face In the Glow With Foreo

Winter is always a tough time for your skin with the cold,  the wind and the rain (or snow!) beating against your complexion. On top of that sudden changes in temperature and humidity as you move from outdoors to indoors are not great either. In fact, according to Dermatologist Dr Shari Marchbein, hot showers and heating are two of the worst offenders! Apparently all these changes can often lead to your skin looking grey and lack lustre and suffering irritations, but luckily regular use of the FOREO can help alleviate these symptoms.

The Lobby Hotel Opera Zurich

We went to The Lobby at the Hotel Opera in Zurich to see a demonstration of the capabilities of FOREO’s Luna Mini 3. The LUNA mini 3 was launched in Switzerland in October and and is currently the best-selling product in the LUNA product line, with one being sold every 3 seconds!  Popular with celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Victoria Beckham, it offers everything you need to help your skin face up to the rigours of Winter.

Get Your Face In the Glow With Foreo

Before Use

Before using for the first time you need to unlock and register your machine and turn on Bluetooth on your phone or tablet.  Next press the universal button to sync it with the FOREO App. Once done, you can set up your favorite facial cleansing.

Get Your Face In the Glow With Foreo

How To Use The FOREO LUNA mini 3 Cleanser

  1. The first step is to take off your makeup, wet your skin and then apply a dollop of your favourite cleanser (FOREO also make their own which is ideal)
  2. Simply press once on the universal button for cleaning or twice quickly for the “Glow Boost” mode
  3. Now clean your cheeks and forehead in circular movements. Next, slide the device up and down your nose from top to bottom
  4. To turn off the device simply press and hold the button for 3 seconds
  5. Next wash off with water then dry your face,  before applying your usual serum and moisturiser or night cream
  6. Simply rinse the FOREO under running water (it’s that simple) and it can be safely left in the shower or bathroom area till the next use

The FOREO aims to help you with your skin care routine so that even at this time of year you can have a radiant glow. Not only is this machine a fabulous cleanser for the face – but you can use it with the Foreo App on your phone to track it, and with its exclusive “Glow Boost” mode. If you were ever to lose it you can use the App to find it too! The FOREO Cleansing devices are suitable for both women and men.

Get Your Face In the Glow With Foreo

In addition to the award-winning LUNA facial cleansing brushes, FOREO has also introduced a brand new type of UFO face mask and even a silicone and hybrid silicone toothbrush.

Get Your Face In the Glow With Foreo

Where To Buy

The LUNA mini 3 can be purchased at FOREO’s online store  or from Globus, Marionnaud or Perfecthair for CHF 189.


To take advantage of the FOREO Black Friday Special offers click here.


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