How To Use The Exciting New FOREO UFO Face Mask

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How To Use The Exciting New FOREO UFO Face Mask

How To Use The Exciting New


Review of Foreo UFO


How To Use The Exciting New FOREO UFO Face Mask

It’s lovely and relaxing to go to a beauty salon to have a facial treatment or a facial massage and it’s something I would never want to give up doing. However, in between spa visits it takes quite a bit of time and dedication to do your own masks at home. That is, until now…

A Face Mask That Only Needs 90 Seconds!

The main issue about doing facial masks at home is that it’s easy to put them off as you need to set aside time  – for a face mask usually about 20 minutes. It’s not really that long – but it’s always a matter of finding the time. So how about if you could use a device that delivered all the nutrients from a mask in just 90 seconds? That’s what the new FOREO UFO face mask device claims to do and I have recently been testing out this exciting new device.

The FOREO UFO ensures that the nutrients in your facial sheet masks are delivered super quickly by heating and vibrations, boosting your complexion red or green LEDs.


When you open your FOREO box inside you will find everything you need to get started:

  • The FOREO UFO Smart Device
  • UFO Masks
  • FOREO UFO stand
  • USB recharging cable

You also need to download the FOREO App to your Smartphone and to synch to your device.

Custom Face Masks

The device comes with one of its own small round face masks which slot into the top end of the device. Once you have activated the device via the FOREO App you simply scan the chosen face mask so the device then knows the best way to deliver that particular formula. There are two facial mask programs already programmed in, but you can add more once know which ones you like best. The masks are based on Korean mask formulas devised by the beauty experts who created the sheet mask concept.

FOREO UFO Korean Face Masks

The masks start at CHF 11.90 for a pack of 7 masks.

How To Use

How To Use The Exciting New FOREO UFO Face Mask

1. Take off the attachment ring from UFO and place your chosen mask on the device.

2. Clip the attachment ring back on to secure the sheet mask. (There is a lot of extra essence in the packet and you can either add it onto the sheet before using – or you can do as I prefer, which is to use the additional essence by running the same mask a second time at the end, for an additional 90 seconds).

3. Next press the “on” button on the UFO for 5 seconds and use the FOREO App to scan your chosen mask. Please note that you do need to make sure that in the “Settings” on your phone you allow the FOREO App to use the phone’s camera! To begin with I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t scan – but this was because my App didn’t have access to the camera function.

4. Next gently glide the UFO across your cleansed face in circular motions with the pad against your skin. The device will switch off automatically at the end of the treatment.

5. When you’re finished, unclip the ring, dispose of your used mask and rinse the UFO under running water (it is fully waterproof). It’s that simple.

The FOREO UFO is rechargeable and once fully charged it should allow you to use it for around 40 treatments.

The Treatment

The FOREO UFO T-Sonic Pulsation Technology ensures that the skin gets all the goodness out of each mask treatment. Whilst the mask is being delivered, the UFO warms the skin in Thermo-Therapy mode releasing all the active ingredients and at the same time relaxing the skin. In the cooling mode the UFO calms the skin down and helps reduce any puffiness and minimises the appearance of pores. The UFO is safe for all skin types, even if you suffer from photosensitivity.

The treatment as well as being quick, is very pleasant, relaxing and soothing.

Pros and Cons

How To Use The Exciting New FOREO UFO Face Mask


  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • very quick – just 90 seconds
  • a pleasant relaxing treatment
  • skin feels firmer and looks great afterwards


  • expensive
  • can only be used with FOREO own brand masks at present
  • needs to be used with a mobile phone

In Conclusion

In conclusion this is a great little device which is small, portable and easy to use. There is no getting away from the fact that at CHF 329 it is expensive – but you could also view this as an investment in your skin. I’ve only been testing it for a couple of weeks so far but I feel it delivers great results.

It’s not a magic bullet in terms of dramatic results, but my skin does feel a lot better, looks more relaxed and definitely feels firmer to the touch after treatments. At 90 seconds (or even 2 x 90 seconds as I prefer) it is something I can easily incorporate into my beauty routine and I am really pleased with it. So if you’re looking for an easy to use device which takes no time at all to use and makes your skin feel great, you may well want to consider the FOREO UFO.

How To Use The Exciting New FOREO UFO Face Mask

Find out more about the FOREO UFO device here.


I received the UFO as a PR sample for the purposes of the review but all views are my own.

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