Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare


Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare

Jacqueline Piotaz

Glacial Hydration Skincare

Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare


Jacqueline Piotaz is the name of a Swiss brand of skincare headed up by none other that Jacqueline Piotaz herself. It was launched in 2012 and you can buy the products in high quality perfumeries all in Zurich, all over Switzerland, online and abroad. You can also purchase them at exclusive hotels like the Baur au Lac in Zurich, Hotel Villa Honegg in Ennetbürgen, Hotel Vitznauerhof or Hotel Intercontinental in Davos, and at The Capra in Saas Fee,

Jacqueline was in Zurich a few weeks ago to talk to us about her latest skincare line called Glacial Hydration. Although I was unable to make the event I have been lucky enough to try out the Intensive Moisturising Gel Cream, which she spoke about on the night.

Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare

Jacquline Piotaz was recently awarded the “LUX Beauty Award for Best Skincare Brand Europe in 2019” and the new Glacial Hydration range aims to continue and expand her quest for beautiful, radiant skin, packed with moisture.Tthe whole range is aimed at boosting the hydration of your face and neck and producing a radiant glow.


First impressions of the Jacqueline Piotaz Intensive Moisturizing Gel Cream: It’s presented in beautiful turquoise green packaging with a practical press down dispenser and looks very attractive.


Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare

The  moisturising cream itself if a light gel cream and it is super easily absorbed on the skin and does make your skin feel very hydrated. It aims to “moisturise intensely” and to soothe redness – which especially in this hot Summer weather we’ve been experiencing is very useful.

It is suitable for all skin types, most especially  normal and combination skin. Although I would describe my skin as “dry to normal” rather than normal, I didn’t feel at any stage that it wasn’t moisturising enough. In fact quite the reverse, as the cream has a good “weight to it” and absorbs super quickly. You should apply this cream every morning and evening to your face and neck, after cleansing. This moisturiser comes in a 50 ml package and costs CHF 79.


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The whole of the Glacial Hydration range contains a cocktail of highly effective ingredients including Swiss glacial water,  valuable minerals such as potassium, silicon, calcium, sodium, iron and selenium, Melissa water, a unique algae from the glaciers, Nunatak® plant stem cells, plants such as Saponaria Pumila (which survived the Ice Age and colonised the rest of the Swiss Alps).

Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare

According to Jacqueline Piotaz “The Nunatak® complex revitalizes human skin stem cells, increases their longevity and protects the stem cells from harmful UV rays and light. The self-protection of the skin is strengthened and the skin is smoothed. In addition, the skin density of sun-damaged skin is increased”.

In addition the range also contains the multi-award winning active ingredient, found in moss,  produced moss called “The MossCellTec ™”. As well as moisturising intensively it makes skin more resistant to UV rays and provides a barrier against harsh environmental pollution, such as cold, heat and UV. It helps the skin regenerate skin cells more quickly and claims to slow down the ageing process of skin cells.


Ideally you should apply the Intensive Moisturising Gel Cream after having first applied the “Intensive Moisturizing Serum. This comes in a 30l tube and costs CHF 69 and this light weight serum is aimed at providing instensive moisture for a long time. Again the serum should be applied every morning and evening to cleansed skin on the face and neck.

Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare


The foaming gel is made from refreshing ingredients which are designed to cleanse the skin thoroughly to prepare it for deep hydration. You can use it both morning and evening and use the cotton Cleansing Mitt with cleanse. Afterwards use lukewarm water to rinse it off. The cleanser comes in a 100 ml package and costs  CHF 49.


Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare


Everyone loves a face mask and the range includes this extra boost of moisture which comes as a refreshing gel texture and is suitable for all skin types. Ideal for Summer, as it is pleasantly cooling, once again it aims to replenishes the moisture in the skin. You can use once or twice a week to  cleansed skin by leaving for 10 minutes and washing off with cold water. Although if you prefer you can leave it on overnight as a super intense moisturiser.

Jacqueline Piotaz Glacial Hydration Skincare from Switzerland

All the products in the Glacial Hydration Skincare cost between CHF 49 and CHF 79. For more information please visit the JacquelinePiotaz website here.


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