Keeping The Cold Out In Style With Nobis

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Nobis at the Hotel Ambassador in Zurich


Keeping The Cold Out In Style With Nobis

Stylish Nobis Coats and Jackets for A Swiss Winter

Keeping The Cold Out In Style With Nobis

The other day we were invited to a beautiful rooftop fondue dinner on the terrace of the Hotel Ambassador in Zurich. The rooftop terrace is called “The View” which we’ve written about before (see here) and it offers some of the best views you can possibly get in Zurich. Whether you’re viewing by day or night the panorama is simply stunning. It’s open to non residents as well as hotel guests so it is really worth a visit.

#TheViewZurich at the Hotel Ambassador

The View at the Hotel Ambassador in Summer

The objective of our visit was to test out the latest and very stylish Nobis Winter apparel. Nobis is a company which has excelled in producing stylish, warm and cosy outerwear. You know, the sort of jacket or coat that you can comfortably spend all day in, outside in the cold Winter air (in minus temperatures) whilst watching White Turf or walking through the Swiss countryside on a snowy hike.

Keeping out the cold with Nobis coats

On the roof terrace the other week it was very chilly after the sun went down with a beautiful sunset, but I managed to keep warm and toasty in my Nobis Tula coat. The Nobis coats and jackets are described as waterproof, windproof and Winter-proof – and you can even ski in them!

Keeping The Cold Out In Style With Nobis & fondue

In addition to the warm coat the Hotel Ambassador kept us fuelled with hot cheese fondue too!

Keeping The Cold Out In Style With Nobis & fondue

Nobis pride themselves on creating technical but stylish outerwear whilst at the same time never sacrificing style for functionality. What’s more all their materials are ethically sourced.

Keeping The Cold Out In Style With Nobis

The coats are certainly ideal for a Winter season in Switzerland! Made of Premium Canadian origin white duck down they are either made of 100% polyester crosshatch shell or premium poly/wool blend shell and they have a breathable outer shell. Features I really liked included the two-way zipper and the hidden magnet closures down the front. It just means that the coat closes easily with the magnets even it you don’t do up the zipper properly. The adjustable velcro cuff means you keep your hands a little warmer too. 🙂

Fall / Winter Collection 2019

Nobis Winter coats 2019

In addition to the Tula coat I was wearing, there is a whole range of coats and jackets in various chic styles and colours. Nobis is a high quality premium brand and to see the latest Fall / Winter collection check out the website here. They also have a number of very cool accessories like the cable knitted woollen caps.

Keeping The Cold Out In Style With Nobis & fondue

So if you’re looking for an investment Winter jacket or coat which will keep you warm and stylish at the same time, why not check out the latest Nobis collection here.

Keeping The Cold Out In Style With Nobis & fondue


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