Lumilogie by Lierac at Urania Sternwarte Zurich

Lumilogie by Lierac at Urania Sternwarte Zurich

Lumilogie by Lierac

at Urania Sternwarte ZurichLierac lumilogie

Urania Sternwarte

One of Zurich’s top landmarks just off Bahnhofstrasse is the Urania Sternwarte and the Jules Verne Bar. The other day we visited this historic building and had a guided tour of the giant telescope in the building by Matthias Hofer.

Lumilogie by Lierac at Urania Sternwarte Zurich

Not only does this stunning monument offer wonderful views over Zurich but it also has a great bar which has recently been refurbished. The Jules Verne is the perfect place for a drink or a meal, both day and night.

Lumilogie by Lierac at Urania Sternwarte Zurich

Launch of Lierac’s Lumilogie Day & Night Cream

We we were there to celebrate the launch of Lierac’s new “Day and Night” cream which is called Lumilogie. After extensive testing including great results in clinical trials, the cream has shown to have outstanding results in reducing dark spots on the skin and also evening out skin tone. Various types of skin pigmentation have been shown to improve after treatment with Lumilogie from dark spots, age spots and even to some types of freckles. In addition the day cream contains a brightening formulation to add radiance to your complexion.

Lumilogie by Lierac at Urania Sternwarte Zurich

So what exactly is Lumilogie?

Lierac Lumilogie Day & Night comes in a twin pack with both the day and the night cream in one handy package. You just need one pump of each, one in the morning and one in the evening to cover your face. Each cream contains several active ingredients in a double concentrate and it is these which work on correcting those annoying dark spots which increase as we age.

Key Ingredients of Lumilogie

Both the day and night formulas contain the following key ingredients:
Hexyl R – which works on emerging spots and prevents the production of melanin which is responsible for darkening the skin.
Sea lily – which works on visible spots by reducing the production of melanin and stopping it getting to the surface of the skin.
Plantain extract – which works on stubborn spots by restructuring the skin support tissue against deep melanin inlay.

The Two Creams

The day cream contains vitamins with antioxidant and brightening properties to bring luminescence to your skin. The night cream contains active ingredients which promote cell renewal to the melanin on the surface of the skin.

The results of clinical trials showed that emerging spots, visible and stubborn dark spots on the skin all became less visible after using Lumilogie. They also found that the complexion of those taking part to be more radiant and even after treatment. What’s more is that these results were visible within a week of using.

The day cream can be used on its own or under your preferred day cream. It is advisable to use a day cream with an SPF in conjunction with this cream (or use with a foundation which has sun screen in it) as on its own it doesn’t offer protection from the sun.

The night cream can be used on its own or alternatively in conjunction with your preferred night cream.

Great For Travelling

The handy dispenser consist of two compartments and is stylish and practical and at just 30ml (2 x 15ml) it contains enough product to last a month. It is also ideal for travelling as you can easily fit easily into your carry on toiletries bag when flying. Both creams go on really well without leaving the skin sticky and the night cream especially smells divine.


Lumilogie will be available in Switzerland from the end of February from all good chemists. The recommended retail price is CHF 59.90 for the double pack.

For more information on this product please visit the Lierac website (in French) here.

View over Zurich from Urania Sternwarte Zurich

Urania Sternwarte

Address: Uraniastrasse 9, 8001 Zürich

Tel:  043 317 16 40

Visit the Urania Sternwarte website here.


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