Maserati City Showroom Zurich

Maserati City Showroom Zurich


Maserati City Showroom Zurich


Maserati City Showroom Zurich

There’s a cool new car showroom in Zurich – the Maserati City Showroom which is located at Utoquai 47 right in the heart of the city. It boasts 360m2 of showroom, and is designed to showcase the latest Maserati models and bring some Italian glamour to the Gold Coast.

Maserati City Showroom Zurich
The General manager of Maserati Europe, Giulio Pastore (top photo) was present at the occasion of the opening along with Piergiorgio Cecco, (second photo) the General Manager of Maserati Switzerland and together they held a conference for the press.

Maserati City Showroom Zurich

As well as selling the full range of cars including the latest Levante,  the Maserati City Showroom Zurich offers a range of bespoke personalisation options so you can choose your own style with your particular choice of wheels, tyres, dashboard and leather etc. In addition they also offer repairs and servicing.

You can find a wide range of Maserati accessories to match your car from watches, shoes, scarves, purses, wallets and clothing for both women and men.

Maserati City Showroom Zurich

Address: Utoquai 47, 8008 Zurich

Tel: 044 269 5500

For more information please visit the website here.

Photos by Carmen Sirboiu


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