Miss Earth Schweiz – Beauty in the Barn at Bauer Fritz

Beauty in the barn - Miss Earth Schweiz Bauer Fritz


Miss Earth Schweiz –

Beauty in the Barn at Bauer Fritz


Beauty in the barn - Miss Earth Schweiz Bauer Fritz

Miss Earth Schweiz – more than just beauty

On a cold bright day in December I was invited to a Miss Earth Schweiz event for bloggers which was taking place at Bauer Fritz, not far from Lucerne.

I must admit that although I had heard of Miss Earth Schweiz before, I didn’t really know much about it – and I was doubly intrigued by the location – a farm, where all the candidates for the 2017 finals would be gathering!

However, after doing a bit of research I realised that Miss Earth Schweiz is actually more that a beauty contest, and is more about harnessing the power of beauty for sustainability, for the good of the environment and for generally making the world a better place.

Miss Earth Schweiz - Beauty in the Barn at Bauer Fritz

Bonprix and Organic Cotton

The event was organised by Bonprix who are a major sponsor of the event and who are also showing their commitment to sustainability and the environment, with their new range of organic cotton garments, particularly for babies and young children, which were on display for us to see at the event. They will also be generously providing both the candidates and the bloggers with an outfit for the evening of the finals which will be taking place on 28th January in Lausanne.

Bauer Fritz – a Farm and Event Centre

The location was beautifully picturesque. Bauer Fritz is a farm situated beyond a tiny village in the middle of nowhere near Lucerne. It offers B&B and is also a highly sought after conference, wedding and event location. In fact if you’re interested in booking an event there you shouldn’t hang around as they told us that for most dates they are already booked 12 – 18 months in the future!

Miss Earth Schweiz - Beauty in the Barn at Bauer Fritz

We received a great welcome at the farm and the family cooked local, fresh food for our lunch and even surprised us with tea and homemade cakes and biscuits in the afternoon. Not only were they super friendly but the location is just idyllic. And their dog is just adorable!

Miss Earth Schweiz - Beauty in the Barn at Bauer Fritz

Most of the time we were in the dining area where the girls had met for their meals before getting involved in all the day to day tasks involved in running a farm. The candidates had just completed a one week bootcamp where they had been involved in all manner of tasks on the farm and all of those I spoke to seem to have relished their experience.

Miss Earth Schweiz Candidates

 Miss Earth Schweiz and Bon Prix

As well as meeting all the candidates for the finals of Miss Earth Schweiz, we also got to meet Manuela Oppikofer, the reigning Miss Earth Schweiz. She was really lovely and told me a lot about the charities that she was able to support in Africa due to her involvement in Miss Earth Schweiz. She was proud of the contribution that she was able to make and how she was helping to change people’s lives.

After the cosy warmth of the dining room we all headed for the barns where the finalists lined up for us for a catwalk session amidst the hay. The candidates were very brave as although the weather was sunny and clear, it was also bitterly cold and windy and you could hear the wind whistling though the rafters in the barn – but being the professionals they were they put on a great show.

 Miss Earth Schweiz

My Chosen Candidate for Miss Earth Schweiz

Miss Earth Schweiz - Beauty in the Barn at Bauer Fritz

At the meeting each of us got to choose a candidate to support for the event, and my candidate is 21 year old Sarah Laura Peyrel (pictured above with Manuela and also on the catwalk in the previous photo) from Bern. A very beautiful, super talented, multilingual Swiss girl, Sarah has been studying in the UK (and speaks fluent English!) but is taking a year out in Switzerland whilst she takes part in the Miss Earth Schweiz contest.

Her aim if she wins the title is to work for the protection of the rainforest in Brazil as an environmental ambassador. She is very aware of trying to protect the environment in her daily life, and aims to conserve energy whenever she can. Sarah avoids plastics where possible and tries to avoid wasting food by only buying what she really need.

Miss Earth Schweiz Finals 2017

Beauty in the barn - Miss Earth Schweiz Bauer Fritz

The Miss Earth Schweiz finals will take place in Lausanne on Saturday 28th January. You can buy tickets to the event here, but it will also be televised so that you can watch it in the comfort of your home too. Here’s wishing my candidate Sarah the best for this great accolade and I truly hope she wins!

Miss Earth Schweiz - Beauty in the Barn at Bauer Fritz



Visit the Miss Earth Schweiz website here

Visit Bauer Fritz website here.

For more information about Bon Prix’s Organic Cotton range for children see here.

Miss Earth Schweiz at Bauer Fritz


This article was written in conjunction with and the support of BonPrix .

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