Review of BaByliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

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Review of Babyliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

Review of BaByliss

AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

Review of Babyliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

Many moons ago my very first hot styling brush was by BaByliss. I bought it in Boots in London and it was my faithful companion for many years. It travelled all over the world with me, surviving all sorts of adventures and was robust and well built. When it finally gave up the ghost, I bought another brand, but was so dissatisfied that I had to replace it almost immediately with a BaByliss.

For the past few years I’ve continued using BaByliss hot brushes but the latest AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor offers a lot more than just a brush; it is a complete styling kit! I first tried it out at a Press Day and was impressed at how much volume the stylist managed to achieve at the roots and how much shine.

Babyliss Digital Sensor Technology

Thanks to the Digital Sensor ionic technology, the surface of the hair is smoothed and static is reduced to a minimum. Any hair protection product you use is trapped to the structure of the hair and the heat and air temperature adjust automatically to your hair’s needs. The digital sensor is constantly checking the styling temperature to avoid any damage to the hair.

The AS500E Hot Air Brush Attachments

The AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor 1000 watts comes with four different attachments – all designed to achieve the best volume, smoothing and styling. As with my previous BaByliss stylers, it is best used on towel dried hair. This way you just finish off the drying process whilst styling at the same time.

Review of Babyliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

Each of the four attachments slip on to the slim lightweight barrel and there is a lock on each one to ensure it stays in place.

Review of Babyliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

The lock on the top of the barrel ensures the attachment stays in place

Choice of 2 Rotary Brushes

There are two rotary brush attachments: the 50mm one is  suitable for long hair and the 40 mm one for medium length hair and shorter styles. The oval paddle brush smoothes and straightens your hair and the comb attachment lifts and straightens from the root.

As my hair is mid length I use the smaller of the two rotary brushes, however my daughter, who has longer hair prefers the larger brush. Both brushes rotate in either direction, which is extremely useful. You can feel the power of the brush and once you have styled and dried your hair, the final step is to use a shot of cold air to “fix” the style. You can see the setting on the handgrip where you turn the brush on and off.

Beware of wearing long dangling earrings when styling as they can very easily get caught up in the brush – so take them off first!

Review of Babyliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

You need to work through the hair section by section, until the whole head is done. It does take some getting used to – but if you spend the time it does make such a difference.

Review of Babyliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

The brush is light yet sturdy and it comes in an attractive blue bag which makes it ideal for travelling.

Overall Verdict

The AS500E is a powerful and well designed styling brush and I can highly recommend it. It’s light enough to use without your hand dropping off but well built and sturdy. I think it is best suited for medium to long hair as with the brushes you need to have hair long enough to go round the circumference. However, the paddle and the comb can be used with almost any length of hair.

Review of Babyliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor

The rotary brush attachment definitely gives more volume than my previous styling brush and the style lasts longer than usual. Furthermore, it gives much more shine too.

Not Just A Hot Styling Brush

At around CHF 170, the Hot Air Rotary Brush AS500E brush is quite a bit more expensive that my older model but you are not buying a single brush – you’re getting a whole styling kit! The attachments mean that it is endlessly versatile and you can achieve different styles, even when you change your hair cut. If you think how much it costs to have a blow dry in Zurich, the BaByliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor is actually a very good investment.

It is available to purchase from from  Manor, Globus, Fust and Media Markt and all good electrical retailers.

Review of Babyliss AS500E Hot Air Brush Digital Sensor


We were given this hair styler for the purpose of the review, but all opinions are entirely our own.

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