Revitalash – More Than Just Beautiful Lashes

Revitalash - More Than Just Beautiful Lashes


More Than Just Beautiful Lashes

New REVITALASH Products in Switzerland 

Revitalash - for your lashes

Have you heard of or used the lash product called REVITALASH? It’s a serum which you apply every night to your lashes and over a period of around six weeks, it stimulates the growth and thus the size and appearance of your lashes. The other day I was lucky enough to meet the doctor who had invented the serum and to find out how it had come into being.

Opthamologist Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff

Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff creator of Revitalash

I met Ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff at the Hotel Marktgasse in the centre of the Niederdorf in Zurich. A friendly and very approachable man, he explained how, as an eye doctor he had been treating a patient who had glaucoma in one eye.

Over the course of several weeks he noticed that the lashes on the eye which was being treated were noticeably longer and thicker than those on the eye which was not being treated. He was puzzled as how that could be, but before long he had come to the conclusion that it was a side effect of the glaucoma treatment and set about finding out what it was and if he could replicate this effect.

Revitalash - for your lashes

Revitalash - for your lashes

A Good Side Effect Became the Basis of a New Product

Around the same time, Dr Brinkenhoff’s wife Gayle, was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and as a result had lost almost all her eyelashes. He realised from his knowledge of the medications he had been using on the glaucoma patient, there might be a possibility to stimulate the growth of his wife’s eyelashes. He identified the active ingredient which helps extend the natural growth phase of the eyelashes – and it worked! Both he and Gayle were delighted to see that this innovative treatment resulted in eyelashes which were thicker and longer. As a result, REVITALASH, a cosmetic product for beautiful eyelashes was born.

Rigourous Testing

Dr Brinkenhoff was concerned most of all that it was a safe product and after rigorous testing and  having sold over six million pieces of the product, he knows that not only is it safe – but it is extremely popular too.  Unlike some eyelash serums it does not cause discolouration of the iris and despite selling so many, they have never encountered any serious side effects.

Once Dr Brinkehoff’s wife’s friends saw the impact the serum had had on her eyelashes, the wanted the product too! It then made sense to increase the scale of production and in order to promote the product, he gave away free samples and a few weeks later was inundated with enthusiastic letters and emails.

REVITALASH Now Available in Switzerland

Revitalash Switzerland Hotel Marktgasse

REVITALASH is the final product and is now available for sale in 60 countries, including Switzerland. What is nice to know is that part of the profits of each sale go to charitable projects all over the world supporting breast cancer sufferers.

New REVITALASH Skincare Products

Revitalash - More Than Just Beautiful Lashes

AquaBlur Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer

Spurred on by the success of REVITALASH, Dr Brinkenhoff has been working on other “eye care” products. They have recently introduced the AquaBlur Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer. Designed to help refresh and reduce the puffiness around the delicate skin surrounding the eye are, this is a great new product for people who get  “bags” under their eyes, particularly in the morning after waking, as it  tightens the skin leaving it looking more relaxed.

Revitalash AquaBlur Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer

REVITABROW – for Brows

Revitalash revitabrow


Another new product is the RevitaBrow brow enhancer. Working on the same principle as Revitalash it aims to give you longer thicker brow lashes. Again, it only needs to be used once a day at bed time on clean brows.

REVITALASH Volume Enhancing Foam

RevitaLash Volume Enhancing Foam

The REVITALASH Volume Enhancing Foam is aimed at hair loss and should be applied daily directly to the scalp (not the hair) to help stimulate new growth.

REVITALASH Defining Liner

Another very cool development is the REVITALASH defining eye liner. It’s very easy to use and a quality product. Unlike many eyeliners which don’t go on evenly, or smudge or break off, this one is designed with ease of application in mind.

REVITALASH Defining Liner

REVITALASH Double-Ended Volume Set

And it you need further  help to “volumize” your lashes, help is at hand with the Double Ended Volume Set. At one end is a primer and at the other end is a volumizing mascara – two in one! Space saving and twice as effective!

REVITALASH Double-Ended Volume Set

So if you’re interested in finding out more about this multi award wining product, for more information or to purchase please visit the REVITALASH Switzerland website here.

I received some pr samples to test but all thoughts are my own


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