Roeckl Zurich

Roeckl Zurich


Roeckl Zurich

Style and Tradition in the Heart of the City



Roeckl Zurich

The family owned firm ROECKL has recently opened a new store in Zurich. You may well know their accessories from Globus and PKZ – but for the very first time they have opened their own store in the city. Conveniently located right in the heart of the old town, at Augustinerstrasse 22, the new opening marks the company’s first presence in Switzerland.

Roeckl Zurich

Long established and with a reputation for quality, the German company produces some absolutely gorgeous accessories. When you step inside the shop you’re greeted with beautiful hand crafted leather handbags in stylish designs, wonderful silk scarves in an array of fabulous colours and prints and magnificent hats, gloves and other beautiful accessories.

Roeckl Zurich

Founded in 1839 in Munich, by Jacob Roeckl, the company’s craftsmanship is its byword. This is the place to go for luxury, hand crafted accessories which are well made, crafted with precision and skill.

Roeckl Zurich

So if you’re looking for a very special present for a loved one (or yourself!), who not pop down to Roeckl and take a look at their beautiful wares.


Where: Augustinerstrasse 22, 8001 Zurich

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Visit the Roeckl website here.


All photos courtesy of Roeckl

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