Step by Step Home Pedicure

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Step by Step Home Pedicure


Step by Step Home Pedicure

Get Your Feet Summer Ready!


Step by step home pedicure

Feet tend to be overlooked during the Winter months. It’s only when the sun comes out and you’re heading out to the swimming baths or the beach that you realise your feet are in need of a pedicure. There are a number of great salons in Zurich you can go to including one of our favourites, Pure Beauty Spa, but if you’re in a rush and need one straight away here are some step by step instructions to doing a pedicure at home.

Prepare and Exfoliate

The first step is to exfoliate to rid the feet of all the dead skin cells and hard skin. To do this you need a good foot file (or you can even buy electric ones like this one from Babyliss) and work over all areas of the base of the foot in regular movements, paying particular attention to areas of really dry skin. You could also try using a foot scrub, rubbing it thoroughly into the feet. Leave it for a few minutes (up to 10 minutes to let it really sink in) and then wash it off.

Moisturise the Feet

After exfoliation moisturise your feet with a conditioning moisturiser, ideally one for feet though you can use a good body cream or coconut oil.

File The Nails

File each nail from the outside to the centre of the nail, but don’t go back and forth as you can damage and weaken the nail. Buff the nail surface using a buffer block to remove any ridges and then follow up with the polishing side of the buffer.

Apply Cuticle Oil

After filing, massage cuiticle oil into the cuticles and toenails and leave for around 5-10 minutes to moisturise and condition. Using a cuticle stick, push the cuticles back as far as you can towards the base of the nails. Then use nail scissors to carefully trim any excess cuticle skin away.

Applying Base coat

Put one foot at a time into toe separators and apply the base coat which protects the nails from colour staining and gives the nail varnish a good surface to adhere to, which also helps prevent streaking.

Applying Nail Polish

Apply the nail polish slowly in a thin layer with even brush strokes. When the first coat is touch-dry after around 10 min, apply the second coat the same way then relax for 20 minutes until the nails are complete dry.

Protective Top coat

When the polish is dry, apply a protective top coat which will make it last longer and be more chip-resistant.

Keep Your Feet Looking Good

To keep your feet soft and looking good massage moisturizer into your feet once or twice a week before bed, put on cotton socks and leave overnight.

Items You will Need for a Home Manicure

    • a good foot file
    • a buffer block
    • a scrub (if you don’t have one you can make your own)
    • foot moisturising cream – or coconut oil
    • cuticle oil
    • cuticle stick
    • sharp nail scissors
    • base coat
    • nail polish
    • top coat
    • toe separators


Step by step home pedicure

So while you’re at it why not paint your fingernails to match?


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  1. I would like to warn readers about cutting cuticles with scissors. Try to push back cuticles but try to avoid cutting. Or leave it to professional nail technician. People tend to ruin their cuticles when cutting them.

    • newinzurich says:

      Yes, thanks for your comment as I know you have to be really careful with cutting cuticles. Yes, maybe for some it’s easier just to push the cuticles back. Thank you!

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