SwissLine Essential Serum with Prebiotics and Probiotics

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SwissLine Essential Serum with Prebiotics and Probiotics

SwissLine Essential Serum

with Prebiotics and Probiotics

SwissLine Essential Serum with Prebiotics and Probiotics

An Essential Everyday Serum

One of the things I can’t do without for my face is a good serum. Whatever the weather I try to use one before applying moisturiser, but especially during the Winter time I really make sure that I’m wearing a good quality one. At this time of year with the changes in temperature as you venture from the warm (but often dehydrating) inside temperatures to the cold and often windy outdoors and it can wreak havoc on your skin.

SwissLine has come up with another great product – this time the “Essential Serum”.  It’s been formulated to include prebiotics and probiotics along with with Madecassoside® and ATP for use as as everyday essential. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphosphate) is believed to be a strong skin-restoring ingredient and is an energy booster.

Essential Serum is designed not specifically for Winter, but as an all year round formula, to maintain the skin’s beauty and balance, whilst at the same time protecting and strengthening the skin.

SwissLine Essential Serum with Prebiotics and Probiotics

In a  test of 44 people, aged between 18-60 years old with both dry and oily skin the serum showed results of :
– a 44% increase in moisturisation
– an up to 15% reduction in sebum production (on those with oily skin)
– and up to 26% increase in sebum production (on those with dry skin)

How To Use

For best results, SwissLines’s Essential Serum should be applied both morning and evening before your moisturiser. To increase its effect you can mix it with any of the Age Intelligence Boosters.

The Essential Serum is moisturising without being greasy and absorbs easily into the skin giving your skin a fresh, healthy glow. It’s a great addition to any skincare routine and glides on beautifully. Furthermore, it’s good to know that the Essential Serum is paraben free, allergen free, alcohol free, cruelty free and vegan.

SwissLine Essential Serum with Prebiotics and Probiotics

Where To Buy

You can purchase SwissLine Essential Serum online here and it costs around CHF 120 for a 30ml plump – which also incidentally looks extremely elegant on any dressing table or bathroom!

If your skin is particularly stressed out in Winter, another serum you may like to take a look at is the SwissLine Age Intelligence Recovery Serum which I use when my skin is feeling very stressed out and fatigued.

SwissLine Essential Serum with Prebiotics and Probiotics

For more information on SwissLine’s products please visit their website here.

Disclosure: I was given a SwissLine Essential Serum as a Press sample


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