Top Tips To Prepare your Garden in Early Spring

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Top Tips To Prepare your Garden

in Early Spring


After the Winter months it’s time to start thinking about the garden and get it ready for the Spring and Summer months ahead. Soon the Spring flowers will be blooming – but what exactly do you need to do to get your garden prepared, and what about the lawn? We spoke to Mehmet, an experienced gardener with over 15 years gardening experience from Select Garten in Zurich to get some top tips to prepare your garden in early Spring.


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Vegetables and Flowers
It is still quite cold in March so protect the newly grown vegetables and flowers. The best option is to use fleece to cover and protect them. On warm, sunny days don’t forget to ventilate the beds a little and don’t forget plenty of water.


Get your lawn in shape!


Frost creates unevenness. To get your lawn back into shape use a roller to flatten your lawn.


After you’ve flattened the lawn the next step its to mow the lawn.


It’s then time to scarify or de-thatch the lawn. The easiest way is to use a lawn scarifier with steel blades which can cut out the thatch, resulting in a firmer lawn that easily allows the passage of air, nutrients and water into it. Raking by hand to cut out thatch is a lot of hard work and takes a long time. If possible have a gardener use a professional rolling lawn scarifier to remove the thatch and moss.


After the lawn has been prepared now is the time to use fertiliser and to seed the lawn.


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Check your fences and to see if they have withstood the ravages of the Winter frost and snow. If necessary get them mended before the late Spring when vegetation will grow quickly.


Check the tiling on your patio hasn’t cracked from frost and that none of your decking has been damaged. Deal with these issues during early Spring, before they get lot of traffic in the Summer.


If you need help with any of the above services Select Garten are happy to help.


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