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Lenzerheide Zauberwald and Light Show

Lenzerheide Light Zauberwald and Light Show

The snowy holiday region  of Lenzerheide is turning colourful and magical with a show of festive lights in the forest. And it all takes place until 26th December this year. This special “Lenzerheide Zauberwald” involves a magical light show with entertainment and a Christmas market right in the middle of the Eichhörnli forest.

Lenzerheide Zauberwald

There will be live music and lots of local culinary specialities to warm you up and tempt your palate. So if you’re skiing in the region why not take a visit to Lenzerheidner Zauberwald or “enchanted forest” and enjoy the magical atmosphere. Its fairytale setting is fun for the whole family and the fact that it takes place in the middle of the woods makes it even more special.

Lenzerheide Zuaberwald

The light show is a new event for this year and takes place every evening from 6pm – 10pm (except 24th when it starts at 5.15 – 6.15pm) and it finishes on 26th December. So catch it while you can! For more information please go to the website or read this flyer.

For some more skiing information on Lenzerheide and other ski destinations near Zurich please take a look at this page.


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Big Pintenfritz Grindelwald – Longest Toboggan Ride in Europe

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Big Pintenfritz Grindelwald –

Longest Toboggan Ride in Europe

Love tobogganing? Then you might very well be interested in the longest toboggan ride in the whole of Switzerland? What’s more is that Big Pintenfritz is also the longest toboggan ride in the whole of Europe!

Scenic Toboggan Run

This snowy downhill adventure starts at the Faulhorn then goes via Bussalp to Grindelwald. Along the way you enjoy get to enjoy some spectacular scenery and of course a great ride as you race down along the snowy track. You can even spot the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as you sled by.

15km Long and 1,600metres Drop

You can reach the 2,680 m summit of the Faulhorn with your toboggan in tow by walking from Bussalp or First. This enjoyable 2.5 hour walk on a snowy footpath takes you from either Bussalp or First to the summit of the Faulhorn. It’s then a 15 kilometres run with a vertical drop of 1,600 metres to Grindelwald. The level of difficulty for the slope is “medium” and if you wish you can hire a toboggan on site!

Big Pintenfritz

Apparently the run was named  Big Pintenfritz after a village innkeeper who apparently made the run after a bet!



Photos of Cow Parades Alpabfahrts & Alpabzüge

Cows coming down the mountain in Switzerland


Photos of Cow Parades

Alpabfahrts & Alpabzüge

It’s that time of year when the cows come down the mountains after a long Summer enjoying the pastures on high. There is huge anticipation and a great atmosphere as crowds gather round to welcome the cows back into the fold. Children and adults alike are dressed in traditional mountain costume as they accompany the cows, beautified with ribbons, bows and flowers into the villages below to the melodious sounds of cow bells ringing. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the experience.

Cows coming down the mountain in Switzerland

Watching the cows come down the mountain is great fun for old and young alike.

Cows coming down the mountains in Switzerland

Alpabzug Events for 2018

If you’d like to see the dates for some of the key Alpabzug events for 2018 –  take a look at our article here.

Here are a few of the upcoming cow parades you might be interesting in going along to view:

Cows coming down the mountains in Switzerland

Cows coming down the mountains in Switzerland

Cows coming down the mountains in Switzerland ©

Cows coming down the mountains in Switzerland
Whatever the weather watching an Alpabfahrt is a great occasion – so have fun and enjoy!


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Swiss National Day August 1st – Happy Birthday Switzerland!

Swiss Flag, Swiss National Holiday

If it’s your first time in Switzerland for August 1st you’re in for a treat. You may have noticed the shop windows overdosing on red and white for the past month and you can find the Swiss flag on almost everything from a paper napkin to t shirts to mugs and cow bells (now’s quite a good time to stock up on presents to take to the folks back home). So what are the celebrations all about?

Swiss National Holiday August 1st

Shop Windows ready for Swiss National Day

Swiss National Holiday August 1st

Historic Confederation Helvetica Alliance

It’s a celebration of the historic alliance signed on 1st August 1291 by the Cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden which made up the first “Confederation Helvetica” – the beginning of what we know as Switzerland today.

They pledged eternal allegiance and to help support each other against the Hapsburgs and the date has been celebrated as a holiday since 1891. In Rütli Meadow in Canton Uri near Lake Lucerne a very special celebration is enacted every year in the very place that the alliance was originally signed.

August 1st Zurich

Photos of August 1st Celebrations Zurich

Swiss National Day August 1st

In Zurich there is always a parade with lots of Alphorn playing, flag throwing and more. See some  impressions here:

August 1st Zurich

The Ticino stand at Bürkliplatz Zurich making Risotto

August 1st Zurich

Everyone celebrating the National Holiday with Swiss food and drink

August 1st Zurich

August 1st Zurich

August 1st Zurich

August 1st Zurich

There’s also plenty of uniform, marching, parades and processions involving antique Swiss weaponry too.

Celebrations All Over Switzerland

Many of the towns and villages around Switzerland host celebrations and firework displays – one of the best near Zurich is the spectacular one at the Rhine Falls which is approximately an hour away – which takes place on 31st July at 9.45pm. The event is known as “Fire on the Rocks” and what’s more is that it’s free of charge –  for more information please go to the website.

It’s also a great day to go for a hike why not combine it with a Farmhouse Brunch. There are brunches going on all over Switzerland and there is even a website with a “farmhouse brunch finder” – see here for more information !

Away from the celebrations August 1st is a very quiet day in Zurich as all the shops are closed – as you can see from this video:

In the evening there are private firework displays in addition to some which are organised by local communities. Here you can see some fireworks along the lake:

= >>Please see our article on what to do on the Swiss National Holiday here:

Celebrate 1st August Swiss National Day in Style

Farmers Brunch Experience:

Buurzmorge, Farmer’s Brunch on August 1st




Hiking in Switzerland – a Hike to the Morteratsch Glacier, Pontresina and Overnight Stay in the Boval Mountain Hut

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Morteratsch Glacier and hike

Following on from our recent article about resources for hiking in Switzerland (see here for more information), last week we went on a hike to the Morteratsch Galcier in Graubunden. Not only was it a beautiful hike but the train ride from Zurich passes though some wonderful countryside, making the journey itself a great outing on its own.

Swiss Train Journey

Some great views as the train wends it s way through the passes and above the gorges.

Morteratsch Glacier ©

If you live in Zurich it’s best to take the train direct from Zurich Hauptbahnhof. Alternatively if you live outside Zurich and want to drive to Chur and board the train there that is also an option.

Hiking Signpost ©

The hike is well signposted throughout and to extend it a little you could, like us, start at the valley floor and walk along the edge of the Val Bernina taking a slight diversion to stop at the great restaurant right next to Morteratsch station for a wonderful lunch, snack or just one of their amazing tarts or ice creams.

Coffee and tart

The hike takes you up through amazing countryside with fabulous views crossing waterfalls, walking over snow with a steeper ascent in the final stages to a height of just over 2,500m to reach the Boval Mountain Hut.

Morteratsch Glacier ©

The Boval Hut had just opened (it opens from mid-June to October) and is a very popular stop for hikers and climbers alike. It was clean but basic with great views from its panoramic terrace.

Morteratsch Glacier

A copious 4 course dinner accompanied by wine (small supplement) was served early evening and in the morning a good breakfast to prepare us for the 2 hour descent back to Morteratsch.  The accommodation was in bunk style dormitory rooms but please note there is no hot water and there are no showers!

Mountain Hut Boval in Morteratsch Glacier

It was fine for just a night and luckily we had great weather and we received a warm welcome from our friendly hosts.

Hiking in Morteratsch

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Hiking, Cycling, Walking, Skating, Canoeing in Switzerland – Switzerland Mobility

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Hiking, Biking, Canoeing in Switzerland – A guide for exploring the “Swiss Outdoors”  If you like hiking, walking, mountain biking, cycling or just getting out and enjoying the fresh air and coutnryside in Switzerland there is a great resource to help you plan your trips. It’s called Switzerland Mobility and as well as being available in German, French and Italian there is also a version in English. hiking in Switzerland In addition to helping you plan your route, giving you tips and information on where to start and what to look out for, it also suggests itineraries and gives you information, photos and ideas about your intended destination. With links to the SBB train site you can plan the whole outing without needing a car. It’s also great for groups of friends and families too as you can work out the most convenient places to meet. Hiking in Switzerland © MySwitzerland There is even an App for you to download on to your phone so that you can check out the information on the go. This is bound to be a great help all year round.

 Photo credits: MySwitzerland and Swiss Mobiity

So wherever you decide to explore have a great time. Zurich is surrounded by beautiful hills, mountains and lakes and just an hour away from the city you can discover some truly great places. So why not get your hiking boots on and set off on a “Wanderweg” sometime soon!


If you need some extra inspiration for places to go hiking not too far from Zurich, why not take a look at our hike to the Walensee or to the Morteratsch glacier. If you enjoyed reading this article why not subscribe for free updates by email? Simply click on the “subscribe” box at the top right hand side of this page so that you don’t miss out on what’s new in Zurich