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A Taste of Paradise at the Hotel Eden Roc Ascona

Paradise at the Hotel Eden Ascona

A Taste of Paradise at the Hotel Eden Roc Ascona



Paradise in Ascona at the Eden Roc Hotel

Sunny Welcome

The other week we were lucky enough to spend a couple of days at a truly relaxing hotel in an amazing setting directly on Lake Maggiore in Ticino at the Hotel Eden Roc Ascona.


A taste of paradise at the Hotel Eden Roc Ascona

Relaxing Ticino Vibes

Arriving at the hotel you feel the relaxing Ticino vibes and the warm Spring sunshine as you enter the hotel. The pots of lemon trees growing in front of the entrance give a Mediterranean feel and your cares and worries start to fall away.  That is, until l suddenly realised that my luggage was not actually in the boot of the car – but still back in Zurich!

After overcoming the initial shock and with the friendly reassurance of the Eden Roc check in personnel, I realised it wasn’t really a major problem – and nothing a quick shopping trip couldn’t fix!

Paradise in Ascona at the Eden Roc Hotel
 Here, it seems you shouldn’t really stress and even in the small town of Ascona I was able to find all I needed for a stay at this beautiful hotel. It was then time to enjoy this little piece of paradise in Ticino.


Ascona Ticino Switzerland

Awesome Location

 A taste of paradise at the Eden Roc Hotel Ascona
The major attraction of this hotel is its enviable location. Nestled between Lake Maggiore, with stunning views across the gardens and water towards the mountains, you feel as if you have truly arrived in paradise.


A taste of Paradise at the Hotel Eden Ascona
The beauty of the Eden Roc is that with its location directly on the lake, its lush green gardens, wonderful swimming pools and fabulous views, it has something for everyone. It was impossible to stop taking photos and each time time of day yielded yet another photo opportunity!


 A taste of paradise at the Eden Roc Hotel Ascona

The Swimming Pools and Spa

Swimming pool in Paradise in Ascona at the Eden Roc Hotel

The in out swimming pool is equipped with a shimmering blue spa area, sauna and steam rooms and a hydrotherapy pool with whirlpool recliners.


Spa at the hotel eden roc ascona
Seven treatment rooms offer an extensive choice of massages and pampering using products from a range including Cellcosmet, Dermologica, Sensai and La Biosthetique.


Hotel Eden Roc Ascona in Ticino

There is also a further pool in the gardens right on the lake with views of the surrounding mountains.  Gym bunnies can keep up their fitness goals in the well equipped gymnasium area.

The Food and Chef Salvatore Frequente

Restaurant Cassetta Hotel Eden Roc Hotel Ascona

The day we arrived they had a kitchen party planned. At an apéro on the terrace of the beautiful Cassetta restaurant which lies directly on the water we tasted some amazing “amuse bouches” which included tuna rolls on prawn crackers and egg with veal served in egg shells along with a refreshing glass of champagne.


Chef Salvatore Frequente Eden Roc Hotel Ascona

Talented Sicilian Chef Salvatore Frequente, previously at the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz, and his team cooked even more delicious specialities for us at the kitchen party.  Frequente is also participating in this year’s San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino gourmet festival, a real highlight in the culinary calendar.


Breakfast with a View

There is a choice four restaurants at the Eden Roc all with a different ambiance and their own specialities. A sumptuous buffet breakfast offering international hot and cold specialities including a wonderful selection of berries and fresh fruit, and prosecco if you fancy, is served in the Eden Roc restaurant.
A taste of paradise at the Eden Roc Hotel Ascona
You can choose to eat inside or outside on the delightful terrace (above) overlooking the swimming pool and the glistening waters of Lake Maggiore. If you’re feeling indulgent you can simply have breakfast in bed.


Short Stroll to Ascona

Ascona in Ticino
Another big draw is the fact that the main piazza in Ascona is just a short stroll away along the pedestrianised promenade. You can borrow a bike from the hotel if you fancy cycling, or do what we did and borrow one of their two vespas and hit the town in style!
Vespas at the Hotel Eden Roc Hotel
It’s a long time since I was last on a Vespa but it was such fun!


Ascona in Ticino
Ascona is a beautiful lakeside town and the piazza is lined with restaurants with outdoor seating and views directly onto the lake.


Boat Trip to Brissago Islands

The hotel has its own jetty and we took a boat trip to one of the nearby Brissago Islands. An exotic island with lush vegetation within Lake Maggiore, it houses a botanical garden boasting plant varieties from all over the world.

Brissago Islands Ticino

The villa in the centre of this island has been lovingly restored and is now a hotel and restaurant. The islands are definitely worth a visit and the views on the trip across are stunning.

The Interior Designer Carlo Rampazzi

The Eden Roc isn’t one of those ultra modern hotels where each bedroom is a carbon copy of the next one and all decorated in exactly the same three shades of taupe throughout. Rather it’s an eclectic mix of a wide range of individual modern or elegant classical styles where no two rooms are designed the same.

Interior designer Carlo Rampazzi

Interior designer Carlo Rampazzi is responsible for the design and when I met him at the hotel he told me how important colour was to his vision when creating the rooms. He explained how he likes to play with colour, experiment with it and enjoy it – and how the last thing he wanted to do was to create a hotel all in beige! That’s not to say that some of the rooms are not beige – but that he uses an extensive colour palette using all colours and each room is unique.

The Bedrooms

 Bedroom at the Hotel Eden Roc Ascona
Our bedroom (despite being named “Room 101” – thinking George Orwell 1984 here!) was absolutely divine. In fact it was actually a suite, equipped with a lounge area, a walk in wardrobe, a large bathroom with freestanding bath, and lovely Molton Brown products, the key draw was the VIEW from the large spacious bedroom. Or should I say views!


Bedroom at the Hotel Eden Roc Ascona
The room is almost triangular with a little balcony at the tip and fabulous views to each side. In fact there were actually two balconies! We were on the first floor our views over the lake and the mountains from the large glass windows were SPECTACULAR. It almost felt like being on a boat.


Bathroom at the Hotel Eden Roc Ascona
I also loved the stand alone tub in the marble tiled bathroom – really cool!


The Staff and Hotel Management

The staff are so charming and friendly making you feel at home right away. It isn’t one of those sniffy places where you feel as if they’re looking you up and down – it’s friendly, welcoming and genuinely relaxing. From the hotel director Andreas Gartmann down, everybody is helpful and smiley. Maybe it’s the Ticino weather – but you genuinely feel welcome and totally at home in this friendly environment.

So if you’re in search of a little spell in paradise look no further than the Hotel Eden Roc Ascona in Ticino.

Paradise in Ascona at the Eden Roc Hotel

 Hotel Eden Roc

Address: Via Albarelle 16, 6612 Ascona


Photos by Christina Fryer

We were hosted at the hotel but all views expressed are entirely our own

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