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Buurzmorge, Farmer’s Brunch on August 1st

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Buurzmorge, Farmer’s Brunch on August 1st

Ever wondered what a farmer’s brunch on August 1st is like? Claudia Kaufmann tells us how she spent Swiss National Day on a Zurich farm…

For my very first First of August in Zürich we decided to celebrate in a traditional way, and headed to the Zürcher Unterland for a Buurzmorge, or Farmer’s Brunch.

bread at farmer's brunch

Regular visitors to this website will have seen the link to the website brunch.ch in the article ‘Celebrate 1st August Swiss National Day in Style’ and we used this to find a location. This year over 350 farms were taking part in the tradition so selecting just one wasn’t easy. In the end we settled on Müller Steinmaur, an organic farm and orchid grower in Steinmaur, roughly 30 minutes’ drive from Zürich.

Orchids at farmer's brunch

Farmer’s Brunch offers a great way to sample a huge variety of locally produced cheeses, salamis, meats, seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as local specialties.

cheese at swiss farmer's brunch

Swiss farmers brunch

After tucking into farmer’s rüsti (rösti), rüierei (scrambled eggs) and späck (speck/bacon) – which were all deliciously prepared and very generously portioned – we returned to the enormous buffet for farm fresh fruit and veggies, yoghurt, bircher muesli and moist carrot or courgette cake.

farmer's brunch

By this stage the lines were very long and we were pleased to return, with fully laden trays and fresh coffee, to our seats to enjoy the second course. The many guests sat at long, shared trestle tables in the greenhouse or marquees. Tables were decorated with more Swiss cross paraphernalia than I ever knew existed.

jam at farmer's brunch

The brunch offered a wonderful opportunity to get a peek at a working farm, especially for an avowed city-dweller like myself, and after eating more than we needed to we had a look at the greenhouses and spoke to one of the farmers about the many varieties of food grown at the farm.

Swiss farm

Outside the greenhouse we got as close as we could to some unfriendly sheep and their adorable lambs, while families took advantage of the go-carts, trampoline and football field, despite the less than perfect weather.

sheep on swiss farm

Getting out of the city and enjoying a traditional Swiss brunch was a great way to kick off our Swiss National Day celebrations. The only problem is that now I have to wait 365 days before doing it again.

If you would like to experience a Farm Brunch on 1st August please visit the Brunch.ch website here.

With thanks to Claudia Kaufmann for sharing her experiences of her first farmer’s brunch.

Claudia studied Journalism at the University of Adelaide and at the University of South Australia and is now embarking on a freelance writing career. All text and photos by Claudia.


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