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Taucherli Chocolate, Azado BBQ & Matte Gin at Gourmesse

Gourmesse Festival Zurich 2019

Taucherli Chocolate, Azado BBQ & Matte Gin at Gourmesse

Taucherli Chocolate Zurich at the Gourmesse

There is so much to see, taste and do at the Gourmesse Event in Zurich that it’s hard to know where to start. If in doubt in Switzerland, it’s always a good idea to begin with chocolate 🙂 and so we did! We were at this year’s Gourmesse at Halle 622 in Oerlikon. Along with Amy and Carmen we went along to the Masterclasses for Taucherli Chocolate, Azado Barbecue and Matte Gin. Take a look here …

There are many great chocolate producers in Switzerland and as they eat approximately 11kgs per person per year, it’s true to say that the Swiss certainly love their chocolate! At the Gourmesse we were really pleased to attend a presentation by Kay Keusen from Taucherli Chocolate and to learn about his “Bean To Bar Chocolate”.

Taucherli Bean To Bar in Zurich

Kay Keusen Taucherli

Kay Keussen’s Taucherli chocolate brand is based in Zurich. Creating “Bean-to-bar” chocolate means that he and his colleagues do everything involved from harvesting the beans to creating the finished product.

At the Gourmesse visitors to the fair could join Kay in a Masterclass where he explained all the processes involved in creating chocolate. He explained how after harvesting, the cocoa beans are first cleaned, then roasted, then how the cocoa butter and cocoa mass is extracted, before the chocolate manufacture begins.

Kay keusen of taucherli chocolate Zurich

The cocoa mass is then mixed with specific amounts of cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar and other ingredients depending on what type of chocolate bar is being created. In fact, Kay had transported some of his chocolate machinery from his premises in Zurich just so that he could demonstrate them at the festival.

As part of the workshop we were able to create and decorate our own bar of chocolate which not only was great fun but really interesting too. For more information check out the Taucherli.com website here. You may also want to visit the Taucherli Facebook site too here. 

Taucherli chocolate can be purchased in Globus and in the Urban Food Store (Chäs Keller) in the Niederdorf in Zurich.

Azado Barbecue

Azado grills at Gourmesse food festival zurich

The Spanish word ‘asado’ means grilled meal feast. This is the perfect name for such a company that has a strong passion for creating a fantastic barbecue meal surrounded by a great company of BBQ foodies.

Azado grills at Gourmesse food festival zurich

The spark for Azado began in 2010 whilst celebrating a wedding surrounded by a grill and close friends. Andreas and Manuel became a perfect duo in strengthening their passions and sharing it with others. Their goal is to bring the Argentinian Barbecue culture to Switzerland by creating an Argentinian Modeled Grill called ‘Azado’.

For more information visit the Azado.ch website here.

Matte Gin Botanicals

Matte gin bern at Gourmesse festival zurich

Whilst we were there we also caught up with the very friendly team behind the Matte Gin company from Bern. They were explaining all about the Gin, Absinthe and other drinks they distill and the know how behind running a distillery.

Matte Gin bern at gourmesse Festival Zurich

You may be interested to know that they also offer workshops, team events and guided tours on distillate production and tasting.

Matte gin bern at Gourmesse festival zurich


We also enjoyed a delicious VZUG “Food Truck” Dinner at The Gourmesse which was cooked by no less than IGNIV Chef Marcel Skibba. Marcel is pictured below on the left, with Stephan Lendi, from the Gourmesse to the right.

Marcel Skibba Chef Igniv St Moritz

These were just three of the many exhibitors at the Gourmesse Food and Drink Festival – and there are many more to be discovered. So why not pop over to the Gourmesse this weekend – it continues all the way through until the evening of Sunday 15th September.

Find to more by reading our article about Gourmesse here.

What's On in Zurich Mid September 2019 - Gourmesse

Articlel written by Amy and Christina

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