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Talks on Living in Zurich

by newinzurich

TALKS on Living in Zurich

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Living in Zurich can come as a bit of a culture shock – new language, new customs, new rules! If you’re looking for an easy way to feel at home and enjoy living here as soon as possible, why not invest a little time at the outset and join one of our talks. But don’t take our word for it – see below the feedback from “real people” from all over the world who’ve found “NewInZurich talks helpful.


We offer a “Welcome to Zurich” talk where we talk about all the practical issues involved in living in Zurich, from registration, getting your Ausweis and driving licence to social customs, the etiquette of shared laundry rooms and where to buy your groceries and go shopping and lots more.

We also offer a “Moving on from Zurich” talk for expats on the move to a new location either in Switzerland or in another country. Again focussing on the practical this is a “must do” talk if you want your move to be smooth and hassle free. Lots of tips and advice and essential information for every mover.

“What to do in Summer in Switzerland” is a fun talk giving you packs of information on how to explore the beauty of not only Zurich but Switzerland too. Come along and be inspired!

“Snowtime – What to do in Winter in Switzerland” covers activities, festivals and events for skiers and non-skiers alike. You never knew there was so much fun to be had in this country in Winter!

We run these talks in groups for schools and for companies and also for individuals and families. Please contact us on newinzurich (@) gmail.com for further information.

Here are some quotes from recent talks:

“So much information! I’ve learnt so much from your talk – thank you, thank you, thank you!”  (Welcome Talk August 2013)

“Thank you do much for the great information at your talk this morning. I wish my husband could have come along too – I have learnt so much”. (August 2013)

“I feel so exited about my move here now. Thank you for all the help and information. The booklet is great” (August 2013)

“Thank you – you did a great job.” (August 2013)

“Loved the talk! So glad I came!” (August 2013)

“I’ve learned so much. I think everyone new to Zurich should go to one of these” (August 2013)

“Your booklet is AMAZING! So glad I came to your talk today. I will tell all my friends about it” (August 2013)

“Thank you so much I wish I had come to the talk the first day I arrived here” (January 2014)

“It was So interesting and So much information! I ‘m really glad I came” (January 2014)

“The booklet is a great help – I love it” (January 2014)


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