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TOURS of Zurich – NewInZurich offers a wide range of tours to suit your requirements:

We run a number of tours of Zurich. In addition to the tours listed below we can also customise your own tour – specifically to your requirements. If you want to buy someone a memorable present, how about a NewInZurich Gift Certificates for a Tour? As well as purchasing a specific tour you can also buy a voucher towards a certificate or an amount of your choosing. Email newinzurich @ gmail.com to order a gift certificate. They make great Christmas and birthday presents!

1) Orientation Tour (aimed at new people in Zurich) – a 3 hour familiarisation tour which covers all the key sights in Zurich as well as the practical places you need to know. Includes visit to cafe and hot chocolate. CHF 65 per person

2) Sightseeing Tour around Historical Zurich – 2.5 – 3 hour tour of the main sights as well as lots that even locals miss. CHF 65 per person. It’g good for a group of you, perhaps when you have visitors, friends over – a memorable treat!

3) Tour of Züri West – find out all about this up and coming area of Zurich and see the new sights. Included in tour is a mini cheese and chocolate tasting. CHF 75 per person

4) Cheese, Chocolate and Clocks – this is known as the “Swiss tour” and takes in tastings of both cheese and chocolate as well as some very interesting and exquisite time pieces and jewellery. If you love clocks and watches this will give you a fantastic insight into the history of Swiss watchmaking.  CHF 75 per person. The tour last between 2.5 and 3 hours long.

5) Photo Tour of Zurich – create your own selection of the key sights of Zurich taken from the best angles and what’s more you and your family can ALL be in the photos this time! If you don’t have a camera we can take all the photos for you – just bring along your SD SIM card and we can take the photos directly onto your card for you. CHF 65 per person

For more information or to book a tour or a talk please email NewInZurich (@) gmail.com or complete this form with your requirements:

Looking for a special gift?  NewInZurich Gift Certificates make the perfect Zurich present.  It’s a fun way to learn about Zurich and get an insider view of what Zurich has to offer. Most tours require booking 24 hours in advance, however, it is always worth contacting us at short notice just in case!


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