10 Top Tips for Women Packing Light

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10 Top Tips for Women Packing Light

10 top tips for Women Travelling Light

Whether you’re packing for a weekend or for a 2 week stay, as a woman there are always things that you need to accommodate in your suitcase that seem to take more thought and planning than you’d imagine. Shoes, boots, trainers and sandals for example take an extortionate amount of space – so it’s as well to check that you will actually need them! You can always wear the heaviest of your shoes to travel – for example boots – though of course this will inevitably mean taking them off as you pass through airport security.

Here are a few tips to make your suitcase as light as you can!

1. Crinkle or iron-free blouses

Forget white shirts which can get stained and dirty before you’ve even got off the plane and go for coloured or patterned wrinkle-free blouses. You can relax on the flight and if the worst comes to the worst and you need to wash when you arrive at least no ironing will be required.

Boden do a great line in wrinkle-free cotton shirts.  Also an easy care cotton / polyester shirts can look really smart and can wash and drip dry in no time!

2. A plain long-sleeved black t-shirt

A plain long sleeved black t-shirt will go with almost anything and won’t need washing the moment you’ve put it on. Long sleeved means you can use it as a protection from the sun, mosquitoes, and also for visiting religious places.

3. Easy care tunics and tops

A colourful tunic or two looks great as a cover-up on the beach but can also be used over white linen trousers and take you straight from beach to dinner. A loose fitting top is also great if you’re travelling in hot climates.

4. A statement necklace or two

All the above can be enhanced and made to suit different occasions simply with the addition of a statement necklace or even a beautiful neck scarf. These take little space in your suitcase but can transform an outfit. Choose wisely and you will get so many looks from a few key pieces.

5. Pashiminas / throws /scarves /sarongs / Turkish peshtemal

Always travel with a pashmina or throw / sarong or a peshtemal. They fit nicely in a handbag and can be a life saver if you’re out and about and the weather suddenly turns cool. Similarly if you’re on a boat and feeling exposed it can help protect your skin and hair from the sun’s rays. The Turkish peshtemal can also double as a towel on the beach. Choose wisely and include a couple – one patterned and one plain to fit in with your key colour ways (see point 9). They can also be used to jazz up the black t-shirt. Also use throws and scarves to layer so that you don’t need to pack bulky jumpers and jackets whenever possible.

6. Pack a dress or two

Take along a wrinkle free dress or two. By day you can wear with flip flops and by night dressed up with heels or ballet flats and your statement jewellery. Make sure the colours tie in with one of your throws / pashiminas.

7. Suntan lotion, miniature toiletries and medicines

Do take your favourite suntan lotion as it may not be available in your destination country. Decant your cosmetics into small plastic bottles or purchase minitiatures. Pack any important tablets / medicines / anti -mosquito (or similar) in a small box and take in your handbag. You don’t want important medicines to go missing in your hold luggage!

8. Dark trousers and Co-ordinated Colourways

A pair of dark trousers is practical and useful and can be dressed up or down with your choice of top and or jewellery or scarves. Choose a staple colour around which to base your colourways eg black or navy or dark brown and co-ordinate your clothes accordingly.

 9. Use the laundry service or buy Accessories Locally

If you’ve under-packed you can almost always find a local laundry service and/or buy local accessories, hats, scarves, jewellery to buy which can also serve as souvenirs too!

10. Shoes and Tech Equiment

Work out what shoes you will really need and pack only those. Shoes take a huge amount of space so choose wisely. Do always take a pair of flip flops as not only can they double as slippers but can come to the rescue of swollen or blistered feet.

Take all your adaptors, headphones, cables, chargers, spare camera batteries etc with you in a small pencil case or similar. It’s good to have them in one place when you need them and to be able to use your tech wherever you are! And don’t forget your sunglasses and swimwear too!  As a final tip tie a brightly coloured ribbon around your suitcase so you’ll recognise it and others will realise it’s not theirs.


Have fun and happy travels!


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  1. Very helpful tips! I try to pack lighter, but I always have extra luggage. I will refer to your suggestions next time I travel. Best regards

  2. Melanie cuschieri says:

    Great advice as always Christina! It’s always the shoes that cause the problem but I like the tip for Boden shirts…off to search now!

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