Hiking from Weesen to Quinten along the Walensee

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Weesen, Walensee © NewInZurich

Hiking from Weesen to Quinten along the Walensee

Hiking from Weesen to Quinten along the Walensee

If you live in Switzerland you know how beautiful the countryside is and what better way to explore than to go hiking? Switzerland is well geared up for hiking and there are plenty of routes in most mountain locations with yellow signposts signalling the way. Even if you just fancy a half day hike setting off from Zurich in the morning, there are plenty of great places to discover. In this post we explore a destination very accessible from Zurich – Lake Walensee.

Map of Walensee

We set off from Zurich and it took just under an hour to get to Weesen, not far from Amden, in the Canton of St Gallen. However, you can also get there very easily by train too, getting off at Zielgelbrücke, then taking bus number 650.

Hike from Weesen to Quinten along the Walensee

After parking right next to the harbour we set off on our hike towards Quinten.

Lake Walensee © NewInZurich

We walked on the northerly side of the lake along the “Wanderweg” and we were surrounded en route by the most beautiful landscape and scenery.

Lake Walensee © NewInZurich

We saw contented cattle grazing beside the Walensee, some amazing waterfalls and a rainbow as well as beautiful views across the Wallensee.

Hiking from Weesen to Quinten along the Walensee

The Walensee is a large lake and two thirds of its surface area lies in Canton St Gallen and the remaining third in Canton Glarus.

Rainbow © NewInZurich.com

There was also one of the most magnificent magnolia trees ever to be seen right beside the lake.

Magnolia Tree © NewInZurich

We carried on until we arrived in Quinten, a picturesque little town which is not accessible by car and only reachable by boat or on foot. Quinten actually consists of two main villages, Quinten and Au, and is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs behind the village.

Hiking from Weesen to Quinten along the Walensee

The area enjoys a special micro-climate, one of the mildest north of the alps, due to its sheltered location at the foot of the Churfirsten mountains enabling it to produce good local wine and fruit such as figs.

Quinten ©NewInZurich.com

After refreshments in one of the two restaurants right on the lake we took the boat back to Weesen. On board we were able to admire from afar the beautiful hike we had just completed and we landed in Weesen where our hike had begun.

Waterfall by Walensee © NewInZurich.com

You may like to know that the Walensee so inspired the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt that he wrote a piece called “Au lac de Wallenstadt” about it. Definitely a hike to recommend!

Hike from Weesen to Quinten along the Walensee

Getting There

Click here for the Google Map Coordinates

By Car: from Zurich to Weesen – see map – and returning from by boat from Quinten to Weesen

Google Maps to Walensee Weesen

By Public Transport: from Zurich HB to Ziegelbrücke then a 4 minute walk to the bus stop for the 650 which takes you to Weesen.

Google Maps to Walensee Weesen

For more information on the Walensee Boat Service please click here.


All photos by Christina Fryer and Ludmila Mitula

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I organised for 10 of us to do this hike at the weekend (August 2016), and it’s *much* nicer doing it from Weesen to Quinten, rather than in the other direction.

    Just before you get to Quinten, there’s a steep slope, with lots of rocks/stones. I wouldn’t want to be walking up that section.

    The waterfall was underwhelming (quite dry, when we turned up), but it was a fab hike, took us about 3 hours.

    And it was *hot*. Really hot. No need for a jacket, but you definitely need good walking shoes… and a swimsuit for when you finally arrive in Quinten.

    So, a really nice hike, just an hour from Zurich.

    (The 5-lakes-hike at Pizol is still my favourite though, high up in the mountains, and just a little further from Zurich !)

    • newinzurich says:

      Dear Mike Thanks so much for your comments and also for your tips about which direction to do the hike! Like the idea of taking a swimsuit too! The Walensee is always quite cool – but very refreshing after a hike! Thanks again!

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