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Cinema in Zurich


Want to see films in English at the Cinema?

There are plenty of cinemas in Zurich showing films in English. Take a look here to get some ideas on where to go. Just to let you know that often (in fact usually) there is an intermission during the film when you have a 10 minute break to get refreshments. Please note that they can also be quite strict about proof of age (and adhering to film age limits) when taking children to the cinema.

Find Out What’s On at the Cinema


The Cineman website shows you what’s on at the cinema here.

If you’re looking for films in English language (rather than dubbed for example) then you need to check that it states EN after the film.


Kinoculture also tells you which films are currently running in Zurich. See here.

Popular Cinemas

Pathe cinemas

Pathe have many special offerings for movie goers, including “Family Days” where you can see films at the reduced price of CHF 15 per ticket and they also run a number of events too. For more information please see here

Kino Corso

The Corso Cinema is located in Bellevue at Theaterstrasse 10, 8001 Zurich

You can take trams 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 and 15 to Bellevue

Visit the Corso website here.

See the Corso on Google Maps here.

Arthouse Le Paris

The Arthouse Le Paris is located 2mins walk from Stadelhofen station at Gottfried-Keller-Strasse 7, 8001 Zurich

You can get there by train to Stadelhofen railway station or with trams number 11 and 15.

Visit the Arthouse Le Paris website here.

See the Arthouse Le Paris on Google Maps here.

Arthouse Piccadilly

The Arthouse Piccadilly is also located about 2mins walk from Stadelhofen station at Mühlebachstrasse 2, 8008 Zürich.

You can reach it with the train to Stadelhofen or tram numbers 11 or 15.

Visit the Arthouse Piccadilly website here.

See the Arthouse Piccadilly on Google Maps here.

Arena Sihlcity

The Arena cinema is located at Kalanderplatz 8 at Sihlcity, 8045 Zurich.

You can read it by trams 5, 13 or 17 to Sihlcity Nord.

Visit the Arena Sihlcity website here.

See the Arena Sihlcity on Google Maps here.


The Filmpodium is located in Nüschelerstrasse 11, 8001 Zurich

You can reach it either by taking tram 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 or 13 to Paradeplatz and a short walk or tram 2 or 9 to Sihlstrasse and a short walk.

Visit the Filmpodium website here.

See the Filmpodium cinema on Google Maps here.

Riffraff Kino/Bar/Bistro

The Riffraff is based in Neugasse 57-63, 8005 Zürich

You can reach it by taking bus 32 to Röntgenstrasse  or tram 4, 13 or 17 to Limmatplatz.

Visit the Riffraff cinema website here.

See the Riffraff cinema on Google Maps here.

Houdini Cinema

The Houdini Cinema is based at Badenerstrasse 173, 8004 Zurich.

Visit the Houdini Website here.

See the Houdini Cinema on Google Maps here.

Metropol Cinema (Kitag)

The Metropol is located at Badenerstrasse 16, 8004 Zurich.

See the Metropol Cinema on Google Maps here.

Visit the Metropol Cinema website here.


Xenix is more of a FilmClub showing a variety of types of film and there are many classic and English language films running here.

Xenix is located just of Helvetziaplatz at Kanzleistrasse 52, 8004 Zurich.

Visit the Xenix cinema website here.

See Xenix on Google Maps here.

Watching at Home


You might also be interested to know that Netflix is now available in Switzerland too.

Please also check our Films section for films we have seen in Zurich, often with a Swiss connection.

Openair Cinema in Zurich

Salt Openair Cinema

Allianz Openair Zurich

19th July – 19th August 2018

The dates for the Allianz Openair 2018 at Zurichhorn are 19th July – 19th August. For more information please visit the webpage here.

Allianz Openair Zurich

20th July – 20th August 2017

The Allianz Openair Zurich had another successful year in 2017 and there are a number of other locations for Openair cinema in Zurich too – see our article about here. 

Allianz Openair Zurich

14th July – 14th August 2016

What Was Orange Openair became Salt Openair and in 2016 it’s now Allianz Openair. With its unique location on the waters edge at Zurichorn, close to the China Gardens in Zurich it’s a wonderful venue to watch films in the open air on a large screen. In 2016 it took place from 14th July to the 14th August. See our article all about it here.

Other Zurich Openair Cinemas Zurich

Take a look at the other smaller Openair cinemas in and around Zurich: Please take a look here or see below.

Zurich Film Festival 2013

14th Zurich Film Festival

27th September – 7th October 2018

The 14th edition of ZFF will take place in Zurich from 27th September to 7th October 7 2018.

13th Zurich Film Festival

28th September – 8th October 2017

The Zurich Film Festival 2017 took place from 28th September to 8th October and was a great success. Read more about the highlights here.

12th Zurich Film Festival

22nd September – 2nd October 2016

The 12th edition of the ZFF took place in 2016 from 22nd September – 2nd October.There were 161 films shown from 27 countries as well as film master classes and gala premieres. Read our interview with Mike Leigh from the Zurich Film Festival 2015 here.

As Zurich is a small city you often get the chance to see the stars at close quarters as they walk along the green carpet or even sometimes just sightseeing in town.

The ZFF also run a 72 second film-maker contest, a kids films section at the festival and lots more. For more information and background on this year’s Zurich Film festival see here.


Have fun and enjoy your films!