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Zeughauskeller Zurich

One of the Landmarks of Zurich

Zeughauskeller Zurich

Once the Zurich armoury, the Zeughauskeller now entertains clientele in the form of a restaurant. It was built in 1487 and is located just off Paradeplatz in the centre of the city.

Zeughauskeller Zurich

Once home to the Crossbow used by Wilhelm Tell, diners now sit in awe at the diverse weaponry on show from the Middle Ages to present day.

Zeughauskeller Zurich

Since 1926 the Keugaukeller has been a peaceful place for people to meet and eat and drink. The arms on display are now only used for decoration. The Zeughauskeller serves traditional Zurich fare, like the “Rösti and Geschnetzeltes” below:

Rösti at the Zeughauskeller Zurich

Take a quick look at the video below to see more:

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with thanks to Jan de Boer for the research and video production


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