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Opera House Zurich

The Opernhaus


The Opera House Zurich dominates the new Sechselaeutenplatz and is the most imposing building in the Bellevue area. The Austrian architects Helmar and Felder from Vienna built the current incarnation in 1890 – 91 after the previous building burnt down. The Opera House was built on oak stilts because of the it’s proximity to the lake and issues with underlying water.

It has a beautiful interior and can accommodate 1100 seats at full capacity. Many prestigious events take place there including the Opera House Ball which is held annually every March and the Awards Night for the Zurich Film Festival to mention just a couple.

During the 1970s the building had gone into decline and needed major renovation. The rebuilding took place between 1982 and 1984 but there was serious opposition at the amount of money spent on this building resulting in the famous Youth Street Riots in May 1980.

It is of course home to the Zurich Opera and every year many productions take place here.

For more information and to see the latest productions please visit the Opera House website.

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