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Highlights of 2013 – Photos of Zurich – Some images from the past year:

Photos of Zurich – Winter in and around Zurich

Ski Webcams Near ZurichSki Webcams near ZurichSki and snowboard testing in Saas FeeSkiing near ZurichLake Zurich © NewInZurich.comViews across the Greifensee © newinzurich.com

Photos of Zurich – Autumn in Zurich

Autumn Leaves © NewInZurich.comDiccon Bewes Slow Train to SwitzerlandZurich ©www.newinzurich.comZurich © www.newinzurich.comwine tasting at Gourmesse ZurichSt Jakob Chcolates at Gourmesse 2013Cheese at the Gourmesse ZurichArchitektur 0.13 ZurichZurich Film Festival 2013 © NewInZurich.comChristian Zingg, Zurich Film Festival Film NeulandHugh Jackman, actor, Zurich Film FestivalTim Bevan © NewInZurich.comAnna Thommen, Zurich Film Festival Film NeulandZurich Film Festival 2013 © NewInZurich.comVeronica Ferres at Zurich Film Festival 2013Nadja Schildknecht, Michael Haneke ZFF Awards Night Photo © NewInZurichZurich Film Festival Awards CeremonyZurich Opernhaus ZFF AwardsBella Heathcote actor ZFF Awards Night Photo © NewInZurichMartina Gedeck Zurich Film Festival 2013 © NewInZurich.comZurich Film Festival 2013 © NewInZurich.comMelissa Leo, Zurich Film FestivalCow Parades near ZurichFreestyle.ch © Geoff Pegler

Photos of Zurich – Summer in Zurich

Duck race Zurich 2013Zurich OpenAir © Geoff PeglerZurich Openair 2013Limmatschwimmen Zurich 2013 ©Geoff PeglerLimmatschwimmen Zurich 2013 ©Geoff PeglerLimmatschwimmen Zurich 2013 ©Geoff PeglerLimmatschwimmen Zurich ©NewinZurich.comPhotos of street Parade © Geoff PeglerStreet Parade Photos 2013Lindt Chocolate CourseChocolate courses in ZurichOldtimer Vintage CarsOrange Open air cinema in ZurichOrangeCinema Openair films on the lake in ZurichGastraume flags in RennwegFrauenbadi ZurichFrauenbadi ZurichFrauenbadi ZurichZueri Faescht ©www.newinzurich.comi Faescht ©www.NewInZurich.comHiking Signpost ©newInZurich.comMorteratsch Glacier ©NewInZurich.comMorteratsch GlacierOpera House ZurichBoulder in the Tobler RiverICS International Festival 2013ICS International Festival 2013

Photos of Zurich –  Spring in Zurich

Magnolia in Zurich ©NewinZurich.comMagnolia in Zurich ©NewinZurich.comZurich in bloom ©NewinZurich.comZurich in bloom ©NewinZurich.comSwiss Meadows and Fields © NewInZurich.comSilvesterlauf Zurich 2012 ©NewinZurich.comDay of the Open Cellars near ZurichOpen Wine Day in German speaking Switzerlandday of the open wine cellarsSpringtime in Zurich100 years of The ForchbahnKazu Huggler ZurichKazu HugglerWaterfall by Walensee © NewInZurich.comLake Walensee © NewInZurichWeesen, Walensee © NewInZurichMatt Andersen Viewfinder Photography CenterBurning of the Boog Sechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurichSechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurichSechselaeuten 2013 © NewinZurichSechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurichSechselaeuten 2013 ©NewInZurichSechselaeuten Zurich 2013 © Geoff PeglerSpring time in Zurich ©NewInZurichSchwingen Zurich ©NewInZurich.com12th Zurich Marathon 6th April 2014Zurich Marathon 2013 © Geoff PeglerZurich Marathon 2013 © Geoff PeglerZurich by night ©NewInZurichView from Prime Tower ZurichChocolate dresses at Salon Du Chocolat in ZurichSalon du Chocolat in ZurichChocolate dresses at Salon Du Chocolat in Zurichand Francois Jeantet Salon du ChocolatSalon du chocolat © NewInZurichGrafik 13 ZurichGrafik 13 ZurichGrafik 13 ZurichChrista de Courege and Angela Jordi of Sprungli's ©NewinZurich.comAngela Jordi, Sprungli'shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3NxwNM75kQKazu at Mode SuisseMode SuisseKazu at Mode SuisseJavier Reyes at Mode SuisseKazu at Mode Suisse

We hope you enjoyed some of our Photos of Zurich seen Season by Season in 2013. We look forward to covering 2014 in photos too – so hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoy taking them!

All photos © NewInZurich.com apart from the professional photos of Freestyle, the Fashion Show photos, Burning of the Boog celebrations and Salon du Chocolata which are © Geoff Pegler

An interesting Infographic to share with you courtesy of Farimont Hotels:


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