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Welcome to the NewInZurich Team



Christina Fryer NewInZurich.com

Hi, I’m Christina Fryer and editor of NewInZurich.com. Together with a team of writers and photographers we write about events and happenings in and around Zurich  – events, cafés, restaurants, hotels and things to do! We love exploring Zurich and enjoy travelling further afield as well. We often leave the city and we’d like to take you along on the journey with us. We hope you enjoy reading and do feel free to “subscribe to blog” for regular updates.


Geoff Pegler photographer





Geoff Pegler

is a semi-pro photographer based in Zürich with over 10 years experience of commissions / assignments covering a wide range of subjects including landscapes, sports, cultural events, weddings and corporate events. As our main photographer he covers many events, concerts and festivals in and around Zurich. His amazing photos of  Sechseläuten and Art On Ice are testimony to his technical abilities and talent and have attracted praise from many of our readers. Geoff is originally from the UK and since 2010 he has been the official photographer for Miss World Pole Sport and Fitness as well as taking photos for Miss Swiss Pole Fitness and Miss UK Pole Dance.

Check out Geoff’s website here.


Carmen Sirboiu






Carmen Sirboiu

Carmen is the restaurant and events photographer for NewinZurich.com and moved to Zurich from Romania in 2007 with her husband and 2 children. She has a BA in Marketing and previously worked for an Advertising Agency and a well known FMCG company  She loves travelling and discovering new places, cultures and meeting new people. Photography is her passion because it allows her to capture the beauty of the world and share it with others. When she is not out taking photos, she spends time reading, learning German or working on her craft projects. Check out Carmen’s website here.

lorenzo borghi photographer






Lorenzo Borghi

has contributed fabulous photos to illustrate key articles for NewInZurich, the latest being the beautiful photos he captured of the Partial Solar Eclipse. Lorenzo is an Italian freelance photographer based in Zurich. He has worked with National Geogrphic Traveler Russia, the Russian Consulate in Zurich, Matrajoschka Educational Center Switzerland and Visit Ghent.

Check out Lorenzo’s website here. 


Clive Greaves

Clive Greaves Zurich





Clive is a retired teacher from ICS International School and a passionate Zurich aficionado. A font of knowledge regarding the history of Zurich and always eager to find out more. In his spare time Clive is a volunteer taxi driver for TIXI.

Amy Botha

Amy Botha Food Writer NewInZurich.com





Amy Botha was born and raised in Minnesota, USA. She has lived in Switzerland for 7 years and has fallen in love with Zurich and its beautiful surroundings quite quickly. Amy is a primary school teacher in a bilingual school, inspiring the young minds of our next generation.

After travelling to South Africa as part of a university exchange program, she quickly fell in love with using food as a means to explore her palate and host culture. Since then, Amy has travelled to over 35 different countries and tried everything from street food to fine dining to home cooked meals. Inspired by her experiences, Amy hopes to offer a unique perspective on food to our readers.

Heather Moore

Heather Moore




Heather has lived near Zurich with her family since 2008, and considers Switzerland one of the best possible places in the world to bring up kids. She’s a travel copywriter and translator by profession, specialising in upmarket brands and luxury properties. Since moving to Switzerland, she has found endless inspiration in the landscapes and quirks of her adopted home. She’s actively involved with local sustainability groups in Zürich, and when she’s not working she loves to ski, hike, bike or just chill at her favourite local badi. For more details, see www.moorecopyandcontent.com


Peter Toller

Peter Toller





An IT account manager by profession and a world traveler by passion, Budapest-born Peter has been on a quest for the best sights and bites in Zurich ever since he moved to the city in 2011. When not roaming the town, Peter loves hiking the great outdoors in the Swiss Alps or planning his next adventure further afield. He is an enthusiastic hobby photographer as well as a devotee of cocktails with the latter serving as a great source of inspiration for the former.

Check out Peter’s photos on Instagram.


Jennifer Lisle

Jennifer lisle Zurich






Jennifer is a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal and Elle magazine, among many others. Visit Jennifer’s website here.


Jan de Boer

Jan de Boer






A graduate of the International Community School in Zurich, Jan is a student at the University of York in England but has lived in Switzerland for over 10 years. He has written extensively for both school and other media for over 6 years and is currently Comment Editor at the award-winning student publication Nouse. He is passionate about the rich history of Zurich and directing tourists and residents alike to off the beat beautiful places in the city.

Please note we do not accept “guests posts” !

However, if you are genuinely interested in writing for us about some aspect of living Zurich or Swiss life, which you feel will be of interest to our audience please see  here.

Zurich in the Spring



For more information about events, food, restaurants, sightseeing in Zurich and beyond please see our Home Page and for regular updates subscribe to our blog.




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