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Zurich’s Freestyle Bike and Skate Park Near Sihlcity

Some Ideas for Things To Do

for Teenagers in Zurich

teenagers in zurich

Teenagers in Zurich? Check out these ideas to keep them occupied:

Top Ideas for Teens and Children To Do in Zurich in the Summer:

Zurich Badis

Take a look at this list of great ideas on activities in the Zurich area for older children and teenagers in the Summer. See the list of Summer activities here. 

Bowling Universum

A fun activity for young and old, Bowling Universum in Dietlikon is the perfect night out for any teenage group. Book a game or two and enjoy toppling bowling pins with your friends, and revel at the hits and misses that will make the night seem short. Strike! See here for details.


Feel the wind rush through your hair as you go for the 180 around a 1,000 meter squared Freestyle Halle Zurich. One of the largest in Europe, whether Skateboarding, BMX or unicycle. All are welcome to pull off tricks in this top Zurich attraction.  More information here.

Go Karting

The indoor Go Karting circuit in Spreitenbach is open 7 days a week (from 2pm weekdays and earlier at the weekend) and is a great place to go to get some adrenalin rushing and have some fun. It’s also a popular idea for birthday party groups. For more information see here.


A wise man once said “there’s nothing better than messing about in boats”. If the huge ships on the Zürisee don’t cut it, you can rent pedalos at numerous areas around the lake for an hour or so having fun in a pedalling boat. Just to get you started, you can find pedalos in Enge here, in Utoquai here, in Stäfa here and in Rapperswil here.

Paintball Arena Shänis

If you want the adrenaline rush of vaulting over a piece of cover while you friend offers suppressive fire, the paint ball arena just a stone’s throw away from HB is for you. Although expensive, this team sport will solidify comradeship and even make some rivals. For more information see here.


Whether it be a lake or a pool, Switzerland offers some opportunities for great swimming. Chill out at your local pool or meet with friends and visit some place new. Schwimmbad Forbach in Zollikon is a particularly great location with its multiple slides and outdoor pools and a pirate ship for the kids or the young at heart.

Unterer Letten is a particularly fabulous Badi, where teenagers can chill by the Limmat as well as jump off the 10 metre bride into the deep waters below. Filled with loud music and lots of noise, the Unterer Letten is definitely a place for teenagers to go this and any other summer.

For a long list of Badis in Zurich please see here.

FIFA Musem

The FIFA Museum in Zurich is packed with interesting exhibits as well as funs interactive games. Find out more about the FIFA Museum here. 

WOW Museum Zurich

The WOW Museum is full of exhibits which aren’t quite as they seem. It’s a great place and perfect for shooting interesting selfies and having fun. Read all about the WOW Museum here. 

Dinosaur Museum Aathal

Discover the World of Dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Museum in Aathal just outside Zurich. Find out all about it here. 

Ice Cream

The debate as to where the best ice cream in Zurich can be found continues, but there is no doubt that a nice ice cream with friends can be the best start (or conclusion) to a Summer’s day in Zurich. No food is as cooling or as satisfying. Take a look at this list of fabulous Ice Cream places in Zurich here.

Top Ice Cream Spots in Zurich


If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Zurich proper, the Greifensee Lake is the perfect place to seek refuge. Smaller than lake Zurich, the lake offers stunning warm waters to swim and well maintained biking “highways” to cycle or walk round. The castle and town of Greifensee offer boat rentals and good food for a picturesque day out. Greifensee website.

Stand Up Paddleboarding SUP

There are now lots of places in and around Zurich where you can rent SUPs and/or take lessons. It’s a sport which is catching on fast. See here for more information.

Lindt Swiss Chocolate Museum

Did you know that Zurich has its very own Chocolate museum ? Find out all about Lindt’s Home of Chocolate Museum here. 

Technorama Winterthur

Technorama is a fascinating museum full of exciting things all with some basis in science. There’s lots of hands on stuff and there is so much to see and do. Visit the Technorama website here.


Think of a shop you want to go to, with any luck it will be in the Glatt Zentrum in Wallisellen. The largest mall in Zurich, the Glatt is the perfect place to hang out at Starbucks or savour a gelatino in the central plaza. Both for shopping and for socialising, you can find most things at Glatt.


If the lakes of Zurich are not enough, the slides and flumes of Alpamare offer the place to go for a day of swimming and adrenaline. Just on the Zürisee, this aquatic centre offers loads of slides and zoom tubes for any level of timidness, from blue gradient to plummeting black runs. Not for the faint hearted! If the pool isn’t giving you the buzz you need, there’s no better place than Alpamare

Frau Gerolds Garten

Gerolds Garten is a very cool and unique home-style cuisine in an urban garden setting for teenagers to eat and relax. Filled with vibrant colours and delicious food, Gerolds Garten is a must do in Zurich for teenagers. See here for details.

Im Viadukt

Im Viadukt is a fantastic place for teenagers to wonder and look around. It has shops placed under a massive bridge used for trains, with lots of new and coming trendy restaurants scattered around the area. Im Viadukt is located in Zurich West – take a look here.

China Gardens

The China Gardens is a great place for teenagers to hang out with their friends. During the summer teenagers can relax on the large open field, surrounded by food carts, as well as take a dip in the lake – all for free. Anytime of year teenagers can skateboard, rollerblade bike etc around the China Gardens area. Find out more about China Gardens and the temple you can visit there.

Sato Code Escape Room

Sato Code is an Escape Room game based in Zurich (in fact they also operate in other Swiss cities too) and it is great fun and also helps you get to know the city a little more. It’s all based on an App on your mobile phone and you follow the clues to unravel the mystery. Find out more here. 

Best Cycle Routes in the Zurich Area

There are some great cycling routes to be found just outside Zurich. Take a look at this list here. 

Butterfly World – Papiliorama Kerzers

This is an interesting museum for people of all ages which focuses on butterflies and you can see many wonderful specimens as well as other animals too. Take a look here.

A Trip To A Chocolate Factory

How about a trip to a chocolate factory? Guaranteed fun for young and old alike. See our list of great chocolate factories you can visit here. 

Urban Jungle Im Viadukt

Photo by Georgina Cresci

Summer Fun For ages 6 – 16 With the ZVV Ferienpass

The Sommerferienpass offers a number of Summertime activities and free travel in Zurich for children and young teenagers up to the age of 16. For more information see here.

ZVV Somerferienpass

Some Activities For Younger Children (under 11)

Some Ideas for younger Children include:

A Trip to the Knie Children’s Zoo in Rapperswil 

A Trip to Zurich Zoo

A Trip to one of these parks: Belvoir Park, Patumbah Park, Rechbergpark

A Trip to Trampolino 

A Trip to Lindt Home of Chocolate 

A trip to a Chocolate Factory in Switzerland 

A trip to Butterfly World – Papiliorama Kerzers

A Trip to Connyland Amusement Park 

In Winter: A ride on the Märlitram


With thanks to Jan de Boer and Georgina Cresci for these interesting suggestions.

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