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The Zurich Rathaus or Townhall



Rathaus Zurich


The Zurich town hall displays the thriving democracy to be found in Zurich. The Rathaus was built between 1694 and 1698. Being both a seat of the Swiss Confederacy and the once Zurich Republic. The Republic was run by 200 council members until a French invasion sealed the Republic’s demise in 1798.

Rathaus Zuerich 1780

The Rathaus in 1780

The Rathaus was built opposite Limmatquai right beside the Rathausbrücke. The 17th century building replaced an earlier Rathaus which hade been built in 1397, replacing a 13th-century court house or Richthus.

“Rathaus” is also the name for an area within the Altstadt district of Zurich

Today the Cantonal Parliaments sits on Mondays and the City Council on Wednesdays. When meetings are in session the blue and white flag of Zurich flies.

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