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Ethnic and International Grocery Stores in Zurich

Ethnic and International Grocery Stores in Zurich

Ethnic and International Grocery Stores

in Zurich

Ethnic and International Grocery Stores in Zurich

If you like cooking international cuisine, sometimes you can’t find all the ingredients you need in Coop and Migros. Luckily there is an increasing array of ethnic and international shops which are growing all the time.

Have a look through this non-exhaustive list of some of the key ones (and feel to email us with any important additions you’d like us to include). Happy shopping!

Asian Stores in Zurich

ASIAN Stores in Zurich

NewAsia Marketwww.newasiamarket.ch – Feldstrasse 24, 8004 Zurich

A really big Pan-Asian store in Zurich stocking Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Indian goods. They also sell fresh Asian vegetables as well as a range of frozen ingredients too.

Sala Thai www.sala-thai.ch –  Zwinglistrasse 32, 8004 Zurich (plus Uetikon am See, Frauenfeld & Winterthur)

Good range of Thai food, pastes and fresh fruit and vegetables

Asia Storewww.Asia-store.ch – Halle Sihlquai, Konradstrasse 1, 8001 Zurich 043 495 02 22

Small underground store on the Sihlquai entrance to Zurich HB railway station. Sells Thai and Asian pastes and dry ingredients as well as some fruit and vegetables.

Chiang-Mai www.josefstr13.ch – Zollstrasse 56, 8005 Zurich

Thais shop with a cafe serving take out lunches. Thai pastes, dried good and fruit and vegetables.

Yumi Hana – www.yumihana-zuerich.ch Schützengasse 4 and 7, 8001 Zurich

Korean and Japanese store with a Korean restaurant across the way

Lian Hua – Birmensdorferstrasse 94, 8003 Zurich – 044 450 31 88

Chinese goods aplenty.

Nishi’s Japan Store www.nishishop.ch –  Schaffhauserstrasse 120, 8057 Zurich – 044 363 11 63

Japanese goods – also an online shop too.

Pinoy Asian Store – visit website – Gubelstrasse 2, 8050 Zurich (Oerlikon) – 043 333 41 40

Small range of Asian pastes and snacks.

INDIAN Stores in Zurich 

India Supermarket – Josefstrasse 91, 8005 Zurich

Grocery store / supermarket with Indian goods of all descriptions

Aggarwal Indian Grocerywww.aggarwal.ch – Kernstrasse 27, 8004 Zurich

Indian and Pakistani dried and fresh goods plus spices.

SKT – Quellenstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich

Indian grocery store with wide range of goods (and parking)!

Barkat Cash & Carrywww.barkat.ch Birmensdorferstrasse 141, 8003 Zurich 079 413 02 23

Indian and Pakistani dried and fresh good and spices

TURKISH & GREEK Stores in Zurich 

EGE Import -Export Gmbh – Feldstrasse 133, 8004 Zürich 044 271 80 30 (NEW ADDRESS!)

Turkish and Middle Eastern goods with a good Halal butcher selling excellent and well-priced lamb and a small cafe / restaurant adjoining serving good, non fancy Turkish food.

Barkatwww.barkat.ch – Badenerstrasse 530, 8048 043 818 65 64

Turkish grocery store which also stocks Indian and other ethnic ingredients and fruit and veg.

V.P. Cateringwww.vp-catering.ch – Ankerstrasse 16, 8004 Zurich 043 243 80 46

Shop offering great Greek speciality goods and also does catering and take away food.

Ethnic and International Grocery Stores in Zurich

SOUTH AMERICAN Stores in Zurich

El Maizwww.elmaiz.ch – Josefstrasse 23, 8005 Zurich – 044 440 58 40

Stocks Mexian foods (especially their hot sauces ) as well as “Piñatas” and other gifts.

Sabor Tropicalwww.sabor-tropical.ch – Ackerstrasse 1, 8005 Zurich – 044 440 54 55

Brazilian food, drinks and general goods.

El Colombiano Latin Shopwww.elcolombiano.ch – Dienerstrasse 72, 8004 Zurich – 043 317 1385

Columbian, Spanish and Latin American foods.

HUNGARIAN Stores in Zurich 

Feinkost aus Ungarnwebsite here – Rötelstrasse 1, 8006 Zürich – 076 778 01 56

Hungarian specialities as well as some from Poland, Romania and  Slovakia too.

UK and AMERICAN Stores in Zurich 

Britshop www.britshop.ch

British Corner Shop – www.britishcornershop.co.uk

British Essentials www.britishessentials.com

British Cheese Centre www.britishcheese.ch

American Food Avenue www.afoodave.ch

American Marketwww.americanmarket.ch


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